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To tight ETA type of Center Wheel/Cannon Pinion


Hello Mates!

Im working on an ETA 2783, and suspect that the canon pinion is to tight against the lower wheel.

So I have to make it a little bit more loose...

Has anybody done this befor? 

And how it the best way to do this?

Thanks   A



ETA type of Center Wheel/Cannon Pinion



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I used to hate this type, the only satisfactory way I found was a tiny drop of oil between the wheel and where the cannon fits in. I have even found them to tighten up after cleaning. Don’t try and punch it tight because it will make thigs worse.

The only other thing would be try and seek a replacement.

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O..... thanks  at lot for you kind words oldhippy!!  I was thinking im going nuts, that was just was happening.....just tok it out from cleaning, and this was stiff as h....... I thought maybe  I had done something wrong when dismounting.

Okay  I find a new one...


Thanks a lot, and a good friday to you

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10 minutes ago, nickelsilver said:

Use a heavy oil or grease there. D5, HP 1000, Jisma. It must be lubricated.

I have tried to lubricate, but no change, is is stiff, and the watch have very poorly apmlitude

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I see this tip on a vid just recently. To check if a  cannon pinion is too tight run the watch and if when you turn the crown to reverse the hands the second hand should still run free if it stops then the canon is too tight. 

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 Friction between canon pinion and it's driver is a neccessity for power transfer.

Tightness and sliding action between the two comes to play when setting the hands only.

Thightness between canon pinion and reduction gear can affect amplitude.


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