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Watch cleaning machine not cleaning well


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14 minutes ago, Noho said:

Using tap water instead of distilled water could potentially impact the effectiveness of the cleaning solution, or left some residue on the parts.

interesting if you read the sheet for your cleaning product that says that for the cleaning fluid you can mix it with  Tap water and de-ionised water are suitable. So the tap water is suitable the cleaning but for the rinse their very clear that you need to use rinsed with de-ionised water. they drop the option of either or for the rinse and only list one of those. The problem with tap water is you have no idea what's really in your water and how it into reacts with whatever you're trying to clean

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1 hour ago, Noho said:

Thanks John for the feedback. Wouldnt be suprised that my issue is linked to water. Found a nice article regarding deionised vs distilled water. Looks like distilled is one step beyond so might try this.



Yep. Deionized-no electricity. Distilled-no bugs and rocks. That's exactly how it was explained to me in trade school long ago and how I remember. I use distilled water even in my ultrasonic machine. Keeps it from becoming a "science project."

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Reverse osmosis (RO) water is another to consider. Distilled water is expensive and not eco friendly. It takes a lot of energy to convert water into steam then condense it back into water. Unless if you live in Iceland or Hawaii where there is plenty of geothermal energy.

I used to have a water distiller in my office to produce distilled water for my autoclave and ultrasonic cleaner. It would take almost a whole day to produce a gallon of distilled water. 

I switched to RO water about 20 years ago. The RO water filter can produce a gallon in minutes. RO water is almost as pure as distilled water, no bacteria, viruses, particulate matter, etc. Only very tiny amounts of minerals remain. 

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Using tap water depends on the quality of the water. In my area it is very high in chalk so calcium build up on household appliances is a constant battle. However I do use it with my ultra sonic (Clock parts and watch straps) as cleaning and drying the tank is easy.  But thoroughly cleaning a watch cleaner basket is a challenge.

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So, i received some distilled water today and cleaned a watch with it, and now the parts are all clean and shiny, no more whitish deposit. Im very happy with the result. These old Elma machines are really rock solid and do a pretty damn job, still after 50 years 🙂

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