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Newest addition to the collection.

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That looks nice. Myself I could not get on with those types of bracelets, they would pinch the hairs around my wrist. A nice leather strap with a stainless steel or chrome buckle will look nice. If you do decide to change make sure you remember where you keep the bracelet.   

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This is the newer version of the bracelet. You are thinking on the earlier folded link version, and yes, they can be "hair-eaters" if they are allowed to stretch and open up on the underside.

I have a C&I made folded link "rivet" bracelet on one of mine (it has been restored) and does not pull the hairs out. Very thin and light- almost like wearing on a leather strap actually.

The one shown above has solid links (possibly "hollow", but seamless center links) and they don't pull hair out.

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Spot on!  They’re solid outer links with hollow, but seamless center links.  The only issue I can foresee is when the bracelet does develop more stretch there will be room to grab and pinch.  

I ended up ordering a dark brown smooth leather strap from DeBeer with polishes ss buckle.  I’ll post a pic when it gets in.  

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You know what?  I got the strap, put it on for about an hour and then reverted back to the bracelet.  Call me a purist, but I just couldn't...  I just couldn't keep it on there to save my life.  It looked good (sorry no pics - bummer I know), but I'll just save it for later when the bracelet wears to flimsy junk. 

And yes, happydude, I have entertained the idea a black croc strap.  Pics on google seem to make that option appealing also.  

Maybe I'll post a pic of it with the strap in place, but not installed. 

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