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Newest addition to the collection.

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That looks nice. Myself I could not get on with those types of bracelets, they would pinch the hairs around my wrist. A nice leather strap with a stainless steel or chrome buckle will look nice. If you do decide to change make sure you remember where you keep the bracelet.   

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This is the newer version of the bracelet. You are thinking on the earlier folded link version, and yes, they can be "hair-eaters" if they are allowed to stretch and open up on the underside.

I have a C&I made folded link "rivet" bracelet on one of mine (it has been restored) and does not pull the hairs out. Very thin and light- almost like wearing on a leather strap actually.

The one shown above has solid links (possibly "hollow", but seamless center links) and they don't pull hair out.

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Spot on!  They’re solid outer links with hollow, but seamless center links.  The only issue I can foresee is when the bracelet does develop more stretch there will be room to grab and pinch.  

I ended up ordering a dark brown smooth leather strap from DeBeer with polishes ss buckle.  I’ll post a pic when it gets in.  

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You know what?  I got the strap, put it on for about an hour and then reverted back to the bracelet.  Call me a purist, but I just couldn't...  I just couldn't keep it on there to save my life.  It looked good (sorry no pics - bummer I know), but I'll just save it for later when the bracelet wears to flimsy junk. 

And yes, happydude, I have entertained the idea a black croc strap.  Pics on google seem to make that option appealing also.  

Maybe I'll post a pic of it with the strap in place, but not installed. 

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    • post script: the view of the larger pivot, red arrow, is where I suspect a spacer, or the two washers that were directly behind the cannon pinion might go, to provide clearance between the two wheels. but I don't know. anyone want to loan me their 1950 Kundo 400 day clock for a reverse engineering study with me? 😉😁
    • Hector, Weasol(you mind being called Weasol? always feel weird about that lol)and Hippy: got back from clearing out the latest snow storm and I took some better pics. I don't think I have the center wheel backwards, as the first pic might be deceiving. it can only go in one way because of the hole for the hand tension washer and pin, and the larger pivot hole size, and the long end to accommodate the hour wheel and cannon pinion, shown with red arrows in 1st 2nd and 3rd pics. 4th pic in red and orange shows where the wheels are impinging on each other and 5th pic shows train arrangement with regard to center/4th wheel and 3rd wheel. so yes, Weasol that's where I originally started was off the hand tension pin hole on center/4th wheel and went from there and ran into the wheels upsetting the apple cart. maybe was this clock assembled wrong by a previous repairman and got the washers wrong or a spacer missing unbeknownst to me? I have zero history on this one only that it's a family heirloom and hasn't worked in over 40 years.  tell you guys one thing-my coloring book and crayon skills are becoming sharp. here I come... I love this stuff...
    • Happy to report, one is on the way. Getting new toys is part of the fun😊
    • Option 2 is tricky, but doable using silicone grease and a small flat screwdriver with dull tip & tweezers. You may even use some electric tape between o-ring and the blade while pushing the o-ring to prevent damaging it. You may also search here for a new waterproof crown: https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/waterproof-watch-crowns I wish you luck and hope you will work something out. I am going to spend less time on this forum as I need to concentrate on some interesting and time-consuming current projects with vintage watches (jewels replacement, new balance staffs, etc). TIME for a break :-).
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