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    • By AccidentalWatchmaker
      Hi all,
      I'm currently building a custom watch with an ETA 2892-2 movement. The movement is from an old Brietling. I managed to fix it and was working perfectly. I was in the process of putting it all together, was attaching the second hand and it suddenly stopped. I believe I may have used too much force. However, I have taken the watch apart again (about the 12th time!). I notice that when I move the hacking spring it stops as it should, but when I return it to the position that would usually allow the movement to move again it doesn't. I assumed I'd knocked something out of alignment, but to add to the confusion if I give the escape wheel the slightest nudge it continues ticking. It's baffling me. 
      Anyone have any ideas?

    • By AdamC
      Hello, I've been struggling for two evenings now to fit the train bridge on this ETA 2832. Every time it looks like all pivots are aligned through the jewel holes and I begin tightening the bridge, the wheels begin locking up. On closer examination, it looks to me like the 4th wheel is not seating flush against the centre tube as shown in one of my photos. I believe this because the pinion on the 4th wheel is higher than that of the escape wheel, and equally about the same measurement out between the 4th wheel and the 3rd wheel pinion, which is lower. It also looks like the 4th wheel is fouling under the train bridge.
      In your opinion, would my suspicion be correct or should the 4th wheel's pinion rest approx. 1 to 1.5mm above the flange of the centre tube. If it should be flush, do you have any tips to seating it as such? I have obviously tried carefully wriggling it under light pressure without luck. I've added an extra photo showing the placed wheels during disassembly to give some context.
      Thanks in advance 

    • By Mark
      Join me as I strip down, service and review this Chinese ETA 2892-A2 clone. Seagull ST1812 watch movement. There was a couple of issues to deal with but altogether a fairly impressive movement for the price.
    • By arkobugg
      Hello Mates!
      Im working on an ETA 2783, and suspect that the canon pinion is to tight against the lower wheel.
      So I have to make it a little bit more loose...
      Has anybody done this befor? 
      And how it the best way to do this?
      Thanks   A
      ETA type of Center Wheel/Cannon Pinion

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    • If "Al" is Al Archer, then the advice is certainly sound. From what I know of Al, he's an exceptional watchmaker and is the go-to guy for Speedmaster repairs. I'd have to agree with most of what was laid out in the two posts. You have to really love the process and be willing to challenge yourself if you want to get good at it. Assume there's always a better way of doing things, then find it. You'll never be happy with your tools either- start with good stuff, replace it with better stuff, and be prepared to make your own. One thing about doing your own work- it's certain to meet your standards.
    • I have this one and it is very nice!   https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142718220541
    • Welp, whatever they gotta do to get those display casebacks to go down to 600m, they did it. With all the in-house movement craze going on they probably figured they need to show off their movements at any cost.
    • It appears there is an eccentric screw to adjust the hammers as seen from here:https://watchguy.co.uk/technical/Landeron/1472_Landeron 148.pdf The only thing is its extremely tight and won't adjust either way. I really don't want to force anything on this movement as its otherwise very nice. Also the whole hammer assembly moves which makes it very difficult. EDIT: It seems that its not an eccentric screw despite being in that table. Its just a screw with a tapered head. Regardless, it may be that the previous watchmaker was showing off feats of strength when putting this watch back together.
    • any wrist watch with a battery,  can not be a trench or vintage military watch.  no mater what e bay says.  they look nice,  may run well, but not worth anything.  vin
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