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Mostly Russians, and few Japanese and Swiss

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I keep my watches in a cardboard box from IKEA (Yes, I'm Swedish). When I see an interesting watch on eBay, I buy it, service it (if I have the time), and wear it (if serviced) for a while. It then goes into the cardboard box. I've been meaning to inventory that cardboard box for a long time, but for fear of finding too many watches (is there such a thing?) I've been putting it off. Anyway, today was D-day, and I took a picture of each. Most of them were bought on eBay but not all. Some I have built and/or modified myself. I haven't yet written any documentation, but please feel free to ask if you see anything that catches your eye. BTW, the Panerai is fake! I don't like fake watches. I don't wear them, I don't buy them (anymore), and I don't sell them. Oh, and there is another one on its way from Moscow; a vintage Vostok Radio Room Amphibia (can't wait for it). I'll list it first. Hope you'll enjoy!


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A great collection. I've been drawn to Russian watches lately but knowing nothing of the names I'm unsure what's good and what isn't.

Have you any pointers to guide a Russian novice ?

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Thanks, and thanks for asking! Yes, I do! Start with Vostok (brand) Amphibian (model). Extremely reliable (AKA AK47 of the watch world), special and affordable. If you haven't seen this video and you're considering a Russian watch, you just have to see it. If you wish to buy new, I recommend meranom.com. Once you've been bitten, continue with Raketa and Poljot. There are many more Russian brands but those mentioned are the big ones. Good luck and let me know if I can be of help!

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To add to the Russian watch fun, I opened the drawer (sorry not an Ikea :unsure:) and pulled my working Russian watches out. I do have more Russian "projects" (Vostok & Poljot) to assemble, but with already so many watches to choose from, these "projects" have to wait ...... 

Sorry for the poor picture quality, my Japanese camera did "funny" today ....... perhaps affected by the heat-wave?

The Vostoks below do have various types of Vostok movements; 2209, 2409, 2415, 2416B






The watch below has a well made, but fake dial ...... unfortunately even the Vostok (eBay) market gets flooded with fake dials, especially the "sought after" older (USSR-, CCCP & 3AKA3-dials. Vostok 2209 movement.


Top twp dials are originals, bottom one is fake;


Nearly original N.O.S. Poljot Sturmanskie 3133 (wrong chronograph seconds-hand, the original hand got damaged when I, after nearly 30 years, pulled it off for a watch service. I still have to find a way to repair the original hand pipe-bushing )


Original N.O.S.Poljot Sturmanskie 31659 but in a different new, original 1980's Poljot housing:


As @VWatchie says, the Vostoks are AKA AK47 but can be a bit "off". However if you spend enough time in adjusting them (while wearing), they can run pretty accurate. Some of my watches run on the wrist within +2 sec / day........ better than my Rolex !

Be very aware of 3133 "Franken" Poljots !! There are many fake dials out there too ....... Here a link to educate yourself of what could be fake, but the list has grown a lot longer since ....... : http://www.polmax3133.com/guide.html

Hope this forum will get some more Russian watch enthusiast ......... :thumbsu:

Hmmm ......... which one shall I wear today ?? :startle:


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Found some more in the drawer .....


and "finally"(?) an immaculate N.O.S. Molnija 3602 Serkisof "Rail road" pocket watch;


The Molnija's do have an interesting background and the 3602 movement was used, among others, by Rolex. I sold off a more rare N.O.S. Molnija "Rail road watch" with a "shock-proof" 3603 movement;


Here is some more information about Molnija: http://linuxfocus.org/~guido/molnija-pocket-watch/

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Thanks for sharing your collection of Russian watches! I always get warm at heart seeing these watches! Yes, definitely the downside of these watches is that you get so many of them (as they are so affordable) that it's hard to choose which one to wear. ;)

I have very little experience with other watch brands, but I suspect that positional deviations are somewhat larger than on the finer Swiss and Japanese brands. However, in my experience, they are consistent and can, as you say, be regulated to within +/- a few seconds.

Well, that link you shared about the Poljot cal. 3133 Chronograph was certainly very serious and very useful for anyone into these movements. I'm sure it will come very handy one day. Thanks! :thumbsu:

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@VWatchie: it's to hope that more people on this forum will get bitten by the Russian watch "bug" !

For people who are interested in servicing the Poljot 3133 (31659) (the old Swiss Valjoux 7734); I did a walk-through a bit more then a year ago; https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/6189-poljot-31659-chronograph-service/?tab=comments#comment-62446

So far, I also don't have much experience with other Russian watch-brands either. There are probably valid reasons why Poljot , Molnija and Vostok are well known brands. In the end of the day, Poljot & Molnija are ex-Swiss ......

Looking very much forward in seeing more (people with) Russian watches, talk about them, exchange (modification) ideas or chase the more rare examples...... even though I have "a few", I just can't get enough ...... :D

I enjoy very much that you are one of Russian watch fans ! :thumbsu:


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Inspired again by @VWatchie affectionate passion for Russian watches, I just given another Vostok a total service; out of the darkness of the drawer into the daylight. This time a Komandirskie "Red star" 3AKA MO CCCP. It seems pretty original and is in nice condition, but since I'm personally not so attracted to these "golden cases", it will some day go on the Bay.


Dial down;


Hopefully I can make somebody happy with it and that it gets the wrist time it deserves B)

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Quite a collection you have there, looks nice. It's almost like a "which watch doesn't belong" kinda thing with the Panerai being in quite a different category from the rest. A wonderful collection though. I have a bit of everything myself. All mainly that I bought and services as well. There's something quite different from a watch you just buy and wear to one you buy, fix, then wear... Your connected more to that watch. That's how I find myself anyway. I have a few projects I'm trying to work on but time is a luxury at times. Lol... Lovely collection nonetheless!

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    • Cool!   Based on the photo posted above, a good cleaning should be all that is needed. I am not able to discern the cracks in the photo as it is...
    • Thanks I'll check them out !!
    • The second attempt: I took whole movement apart again, cleaned it, oiled it, I also managed to clean all of the jewel holes with pegwood. I also opened mainspring barrel and took out the mainspring. It was quite dirty, I cleaned it, oiled it, and put everything back again. To my surprise, the amplitude looked very good, the automatic winding system seemed fine. The last step was to put the movement in the case. I had trouble with the dial ring and putting stem back (although I think I put it correctly). I took the movement out of the case to check for a problem, but then the amplitude got lower and the watch completely stopped. Since I did not move or touch anything, I suspected it was the mainspring with not enough energy. I gave "external" power by using pegwood and slightly touch the central wheel. The amplitude was normal again. So, my conclusion would be that I have problem with the mainspring: it does not give enough energy for the train to transfer it to the balance wheel. Maybe at first, when the mainspring is fully in tension, but after some time, it is just not enough and watch stops. However, I am not sure where I can buy new 7009 (or 7s26) mainspring for replacement. On the other hand, it could be that the hole made for the barrel arbor got bigger, and now the mainspring teeth are not fully in contact with the center wheel. But I would say that the problem is the mainspring. It is strange however that the watch stopped few days after it fell on the ground.
    • You are correct, I use polident denture fizzy tablets which works well. I have also used an ultrasonic cleaner with a cleaner I mix up. You will never get the hairline cracks completely but you can get them to be way less noticeable.   
    • I like that!!!!!!!!!!!