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Hi, I am from Maryland

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I have always wanted to learn to repair watches. I am finally taking the first step. I have received the videos from John Tope and they have given me the initiative to start with pocket watches. I need to start buying tools and I want to be sure that I get the right ones the first time. I would appreciate all of your advice. Thanks for having me here

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Welcome to this friendly forum.

Dumont tweezers are the best 3C is a good start; these will handle most watch work, not hairsprings. As you are just starting out you will not want to work on them.

Various eyeglasses

A good set of watch screwdrivers Bergeon is one of the best. This nice set will last for years you can obtain spare blades. These are the type of tools I had. I only recommend tools I have actually used. You should be able to obtain all your tools from cousins.




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