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Hello all,

I just got a K&D mainspring winder very cheap, but the tool is a bit stuck and the spring does not open when the ring is loosened. I would like to clean and oil the spring. Any clues on how to disassemble the winder? I don't want to ruin the threads turning the wrong way or using pliers...

Thank you!




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Have you oiled it. Its a simple tool screw it up and the vice part will close. So it must unscrew all the way. The bottom part has the spring inside, Have you tried turning that, also press in and try to turn and see what happens.

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Thank you Oldhippy, I oiled it. The spring can be bent back to what should be the right angles, but seems to be ‘tired’. It will serve me well nonetheless. I may need to shape it a few more times, but cannot imagine using it extensively.

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    • By matabog
      Hello all!
      I have been struggling with the matter of mainspring winders for a while and I want to share some of my experience with Bergeon mainspring winders.
      First, there two major types:
      the old ones, with a spoke on the arbor (30081):

      and the newer ones with a recess on the arbor (Nivarox):

      Side by side #6:

      to be continued...

    • By VWatchie
      I’m considering ordering a couple of Bergeon mainspring winders from CousinsUK, and I really want to get it right as these are expensive tools.
      The way I read it, the specified diameter of each winder is the outer diameter of the winder’s barrel drum. That is, I would need to order a winder having a smaller specified diameter than the inner diameter of the mainspring barrel I’m going to use it with? For example, if the inner diameter of my mainspring drum is 9.80 mm (as is the actual case) a Bergeon No.6 Winder Ø9.80mm would be too large, or just right, no, yes?
    • By matabog
      So I managed to invest in a used "Bergeon 2795 Nivaflex" Mainspring winder . IMHO the winder barrels are a bit too big for the inner loop of the mainsprings.
      So my question is, fo anyone who had both:
      What is the difference between "Bergeon Nivaflex" winders and "Bergeon ETA" winders, the latter being the one especially made for ETA calibers.
      Thank you!
    • By VWatchie
      I’m scouting eBay looking for a used Bergeon mainspring winder set like this. So far I’ve only used my fingers to replace mainsprings, and although it works, it is a delicate process, and I never feel perfectly confident doing it, and I’ve probably damaged (a bit) one or two mainsprings in the process.
      Anyway, I’ve only just recently learned that not all mainsprings are wound in the same direction. Up until just a few days ago I had only serviced Vostok 24XX movements and a Unitas 6498 (following along the 2nd course on watchrepairlessons.com, good stuff BTW). However the movement I’m servicing now is a Poljot 2614.2H, and one of the differences is that its mainspring, unlike the Vostoks and the Unitas, is wound counter clockwise (inner to outer coil) when placed in the barrel.
      Watching the video on how to use a Bergeon mainspring winder on watchrepairlessons.com, it is obvious (I guess?) that the winder used in the video wouldn’t work with my Poljot mainspring, as the hook on the mainspring winder tool is for mainsprings that are wound clockwise, and this brings me to my first question; Would the mainspring winder set I linked to work with both types of mainsprings, clockwise and counter-clockwise?
      My second question is the result of trying to understand the listings of the Bergeon mainspring winders on cousinsuk.com. There are "left" and "right" handles, and "left" and "right" arbors for winders. I don’t understand what the "left" and "right" refers to, but my guess is that it determines the direction of the hook pulling the coil when wound into the winder barrel? Or, maybe it’s just a matter of the watch repairer being right or left handed? Or, something else?
      If anyone can bring some light to my questions, or have some informational links to share, I’d be very happy!
    • By toptime810
      I bought this for $170 on ebay. Did I get a deal or did I get ripped?

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