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I went trough Ranfft very carefully, but still could not find this Larex watch. Closest I could find was HB106. Is there any other source for finding movements like this vintage one?1078A swiss made...



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We need to see the keyless work, so remove from case and take off hands and dial and take a good clear photo. Some times the I D can be on that side. Have you removed the balance complete and looked there?

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There is also a Langendorf 1078A . But i haven't found any picture of that . Also found a picture of a movement on ebay when searching 1078 movement. Didn't say anything more. Love the datewheel. 5b3ce929dcc6b_s-l1600(1).thumb.jpg.0f1f7e1dd7d12a02e03cb93702d033dc.jpg

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The symbol in a circle on the front of the movement is for Lanco = Langendorf, So it's a Lanco 1078A I think, not very popular.

Thank you Luke, the lanco is the closest to date, but not exactly..

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    • What's wrong with that one? Some play / noise is normal.
    • Thats incredibly bad news. I was sure that this would not happen with the genuine article. I didn't order from Cousins and it will probably be a hassle for me to complain.

      And the official answer from Bergeon is the worst. When you are a customer who has paid good money for a product that is defective, you do not want to hear "Well, we acknowledge that there is an issue with your product that renders your purchase useless, but other people have not complained, so you should be fine"
    • Please advise where I might purchase an oscillating weight including bearing for a Seiko 7S26A, I live in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Thank you.
    • Hey guys! Great information here. Teaching myself some basic watch maintenance. Really just starting out. Bought this with a view to "learn by doing". It wasn't winding when I started. Had an amazing time taking it apart and examining the parts. The hairspring seemed bent so I had a go at shaping it and damaged it even worse. The study came off and was lost, then part of the spring knotted ... Argh. I'm murdering this watch I know! I'm having a really tough time finding a compatible replacement. The parts chart says that the balance is "different from basic calibre 100" and to "refer to catalogue GF 239". I can't find any document by that name. If I could get some help it would be appreciated!
    • Yes I bought them from Cousins. This is what Bergeon replied to them: It's probably the friction of the white lid material coating flaking off. Yes I can see that it could happen but frankly I don’t think it’s a big issue. After a few operations you can clean it and it’s done. We are selling a huge amount of these oil cup and never had any complains. So they know about the issue but have no intentions to do anything about it. Cousins didn’t like the outcome and have gone back to them again. So I’m still waiting.