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New Video Uploaded - Aligning The Hairspring On The Balance

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Just a quick video to show my method of re-aligning the hairspring on the balance staff correctly after prior removal, just in case you have not marked or noted where the stud is before removal.


Hope it's helpful to someone :)


Watch here...



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Thank you very much!

These three clips (so far) are the single most comprehensive videos I've seen on internet free content. Stuff like that I think you usually have to pay for. This is why I am so gratefull for them and so proud, as a watch enthusiast, to be a member of this forum!


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This is a good video and something that I have been struggling with. I have gone through a few hairsprings because I am currently working on movements that do not have a screw-in stud and it is very hard to press the pin in let alone worry about it being perpendicular to the hairspring. All of the hairpsrings I've suceeded in replacing have been out of poise, i.e. that watch won't run, or runs for a little while and stos. And more than one hairspring has ended up as a twisted or kinked mess when I tried fixing it. I am going to try it again very soon and hope that the only solution won't be to replace the entire balance assembly. It takes all my concentration to do this, so pictures are out!



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