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    • Good evening ! I came across your post and I’m very interested in what you have to offer! My grandfather passed away and left me with his watch collection and a little extra cash. I want to try and fix some of his old watches. Please get back to me as soon as you can. I’ve already ordered some parts off eBay. I’d love to take the whole collection of your hands ! Thank you 
    • Most of you will be able to think of a watch or two that has been featured in film. James Bond has flashed a few interesting time pieces. Lovell's (well Tom Hank's) Omega Speedmaster in Apollo 13, Back To The Future's - Casio CA53W Twincept Databank.. the list of iconic timepieces is long, however I recently encountered one movie that is named after a time piece (or perhaps more accurately a manufacturer of timepieces).  I suspect that despite it winning "Best International Feature Film" at the, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017 this is a movie that few of you are likely to have seen. It may not have the multi-million dollar budget of a Bond, or the slick special effects of the aforementioned space drama, but in these days of imposed confinement, it is worth a watch (pun intended). I wont give the game away about the title, you are going to work a little harder and figure that out for yourselves, no prize for the first one who gets it right (other than the internet glory of course).  
    • Hi Watchie  found some more information you may find use full       cheers Deciphering Seiko Case Back Information — Plus9Time.html Servicing_Guide.pdf
    • Hi VWatchie  I have attached the SEIKO casing guide in the hope you find it useful in your search. 03. Casing Guide seiko.pdf
    • Hello and welcome to the forum    enjoy you will receive all shades of opinions on here   all helpful
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