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    • By anilv
      Hi guys,
      Thought I'd share some pics of my Oris Big crown with pointer-date (circa 2009?).
      Simple classic design and quite in the spirit of the older Oris watches.

      The case back gives a good view of the ETA2836 inside. The red rotor was a Oris touch. The edge of the caseback has a coin-edged design, similar to the front of the watch. This improves the look of the caseback as the metal edge would look too big otherwise. Increasing the display window wouldn't work I think as that would only show the movement holding ring.

      The line is still pretty decent..

      And the bracelet is nice and supple.

      But the design of the clasp is a bit plain.

      Oris deserves credit as it was one of the brands which was instrumental in bringing back the Swiss watch industry back from brink of the abyss. In the late. 80s and early nineties, their classically designed watches using ETA movements sold well by focussing on the mechanical movements and using it as their USP. Their tag-line at the time was 'high-much', as seen on the rotor in the movement pic above.
      This watch came my way as a part exchange for an Omega Constellation. The previous owner had gotten the Swiss watch bug but as he got deeper into the hobby he started to appreciate other brands. To be specific, he was  getting into the 'manufacturer' brands as opposed to 'ebauche' brands. It's a shame as this watch is quite good as it is. Ah well, the previous owner should be into Pateks by now!.
    • By mjtaven
      Can't stop wearing it !

    • By Ajayel
      Yesterday my Oris watch hit a tiled floor when the strap pin broke and the back crystal popped off. Being in a rush , I quickly pressed it back into position and left it for later investigation.

      Today the crystal seems to be fixed in position, but I have no experience of removing or replacing these. Was a simple press of the thumb strong enough to do the job? How can I check, other then testing with my thumb nail. Are these a simple pop on fixing?
      Many thanks.
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    • Hi all,   I’m a fan of the timegrapher app for Iphone and have been using it for a long time, with reasonable result for my needs.   My assumption is that the weak spot is the mic where you are using the built-in mic in the head set that comes with the phone.   My question is if there’s any experience out there from building/adapting an alternative mic to plug into the head set input on the phone.   I have seen many posts where people have designed pc s/w and built mic’s that plug into your pc and I would guess one could do the same with the Iphone.   Any feedback is appreciated.         Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • Thanks... Good warm up game last night...
    • If you suspect the autowinder, I just remove the module, normally the two screws that tighten the module to the gear bridhe are darker in color. Yes long screws can be the cause. Also check the ratchet wheel reduction wheel, its arbor drops in jewel hole in barrel bridge. The movement is vitually a manual wind once the winder module is removed. We can monitor the patern it stops,which can tell where to look for the faulf.
    • Anytime were working with American pocket watches it's nice to have the serial number especially when looking for parts. Then because this is not your normal 12 size it's extra thin looks like you're right it's a friction jewel setting.  So image extracted from a listing so we get the diameter and the thickness. Then the other minor problem with Illinois all the different part numbers to make for a confusing mess.
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