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    • Ok  you have your reasons and i stand by that, but I agree with jdm I have not seen a mineral shatter except under extreem circumstances like being dropped onto a hard surface, but I have also seen acrylics crack under the same circumstances.  Cheers.
    • Watch stopping dial up could mean a broken/bent staff, or cracked balance jewel, so you most likely have that issue on top of the hairspring. Suffices to say your entire balance assemble is shot. As far the rotor, it has to do with the ball bearings, nothing to do with the screw. I appreciate your willingness to try and fix this movement, as you know these 3 o’clock 6309s are very cheap a running complete watch just like the one you have can be purchased for $25. I understand you want the learning experience so i suggest you disassemble, check every part, replace parts as needed from running donor Incl. balance ass. And rotor bearings, oil properly, then reassemble. When learning its good to have donors laying around, sourcing parts from a donor that’s running is a big plus because at least you know the parts your replacing will actually work.
    • It's not a good redial if you ask me and since it might have non genuine parts I wouldn't pay that much for it.
    • By coincidence I have one of these lovely watches with me at this time. It was almost running but after opening it - which took all the power of the bench opener-- it doesn't anymore?!? Waiting to know if the owner will accept my modest estimate for service.  Now for the value aspect, I don't really know first hand, but for a realistic estimate I would check chrono24 and subtract 20% from the asking price of the better comparable piece. 
    • Really? I have not see any reports or mineral glass crystals shattering so terribly. The expected use of a dress watch should not involve such potential destructive shocks. I would not replace a mineral glass with acrylic, but I would replace it with sapphire, because scratching is the actual, common and annoying occurrence.
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