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The 400 series were 17 jewel movements made either by Laco or Hatori for Timex.  I'll wager $100 US that the seller can not show you a Timex document proving the 400 is a Marlin.  those sellers who are describing that as a Marlin are either dishonest or to lazy to research and verify what they are selling.  

 I'll post the information shortly - buy the watch if you want but know it is NOT A MARLIN.

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Pic 1. The model names of Timex watches from 1960 parts catalog.

Pic 2. 400 series were made from 1960 1961

Pic 3. My collection of all the known 400 models and two very rare display cases

Pic 4. The movements

Pic 5, 6, 7 . The 400 is dropped for the 21.  Timex developed the 21 jewels movement and thus was the end of the 400.

The cases are the same and the one 400 actually has a 21 movement inside.  It is common to find many 21's with a 400 case back as well.  Just Timex using up inventory.










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2 hours ago, oldhippy said:

You want to test one and see what happens. 

Prejudice aside, at one point in time the regulations have been changed to not allow anymore the word "waterproof", because that was deemed to be deceptive for the consumer. Since then, the term "water resistant" was introduced, with gradually more precise standards and definitions.


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On 6/21/2018 at 12:22 AM, oldhippy said:


I don’t think any Timex will be waterproof. It might be water resistant.  

Have you seen the famous Timex ad in the 60s, where they strapped a Timex to the propeller of an outboard motor and ran it in a tank of water?

Yeah, It's just 12 inches of water. So it's not waterproof....🙃

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I have a Timex 400 men’s watch with a 70-6 japan movement. How do you start searching for a stem/crown for a Japanese movement (or German movement for that matter) in a Timex branded watch?The movement is quite nice and should run great once cleaned and adjusted. Does this movement use a separate stem and screw-on crown ?



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