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Orient 46943



First I would like to say I just got into the hobby. I've watch both courses and followed along with the 6497 movement. After going through the disassembly and assembly a couple of times I've decided to work on an old Orient from my dad that has been out or order for several years.

After watching a few videos and extracting the movement,  I noticed how much smaller everything is compared to the one used in class. While I'm currently awaiting for Level 3 in order to properly troubleshoot a movement I believe my issue lies within the Escapement (oscillator or pallet fork).

It seems to me the top pivot axis of the pallet fork is broken of very used up as I'm having a hard time getting to behave properly as I have seen it work in the 6497 and seen in videos online. While placing the oscillator has been the most challenging portion, I've gotten it to beat but it beats way too fast and erratic.

I've included some photos of the pallet fork and video of it ticking when I get it properly setup as I believe the missing top pivot prevents the fork from swinging evenly from side to side and there is some sort of vertical play as I believe the top pivot stone does not properly captures the fork. (I'm currently uploading a video to share)

While I've had trouble finding a proper service sheet, I found a post to a very similar one but I do not know where I would be able to find a proper pallet fork if I were to need one.

One more thing I have to mention is that I have not proceeded with doing any cleaning as show in the lessons as I've been wanting to get comfortable with the movement and so I'm not sure if that could be an issue with the pivot stones not allowing it to sit properly although I don't think that's the case.


I appreciate if you could offer any feedback on the issue. I seen this movement seems to be pretty good, but I was considering maybe finding a replacement Miyota or another orient on ebay or something.


Thank you.

Thu Jun 14 18-13-36.jpg

Thu Jun 14 22-15-39.jpg

Thu Jun 14 22-18-01.jpg

Thu Jun 14 22-19-19.jpg

Thu Jun 14 22-21-27.jpg

Thu Jun 14 22-32-06.jpg

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The top pivot of the pallets has broken. So you need new pallets. Many members on here use https://www.cousinsuk.com/

What you call the oscillator. That is known as the balance complete. That whole balance has to be clean, any little hair or oil will cause the hairspring coils to stick togather and the timkeeping will be erratic.  


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    • What's wrong with that one? Some play / noise is normal.
    • Thats incredibly bad news. I was sure that this would not happen with the genuine article. I didn't order from Cousins and it will probably be a hassle for me to complain.

      And the official answer from Bergeon is the worst. When you are a customer who has paid good money for a product that is defective, you do not want to hear "Well, we acknowledge that there is an issue with your product that renders your purchase useless, but other people have not complained, so you should be fine"
    • Please advise where I might purchase an oscillating weight including bearing for a Seiko 7S26A, I live in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Thank you.
    • Hey guys! Great information here. Teaching myself some basic watch maintenance. Really just starting out. Bought this with a view to "learn by doing". It wasn't winding when I started. Had an amazing time taking it apart and examining the parts. The hairspring seemed bent so I had a go at shaping it and damaged it even worse. The study came off and was lost, then part of the spring knotted ... Argh. I'm murdering this watch I know! I'm having a really tough time finding a compatible replacement. The parts chart says that the balance is "different from basic calibre 100" and to "refer to catalogue GF 239". I can't find any document by that name. If I could get some help it would be appreciated!
    • Yes I bought them from Cousins. This is what Bergeon replied to them: It's probably the friction of the white lid material coating flaking off. Yes I can see that it could happen but frankly I don’t think it’s a big issue. After a few operations you can clean it and it’s done. We are selling a huge amount of these oil cup and never had any complains. So they know about the issue but have no intentions to do anything about it. Cousins didn’t like the outcome and have gone back to them again. So I’m still waiting.