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    • I have found the answer to my question via another route.
    • Am I missing something? I've never heard of the term "automatic" used in association with any watch that takes a battery... And to answer OPs question, I have ran my watches through the demagnetiser running without any apparent ill effect. But you might want to if you can to stay on the safe side
    • Hi If its precision you are looking for then its no contest, bite the bullet and dont let the wife know.
    • Hi  If using the super glue method buy the cheap stuff from the pound shop pound for five tubes its thin. Or using the domed end of a staking tool punch and closing the hole on to the bush then lightly flatten the protruding bush metal with a flat punch, 
    • Hi  First thing to do is read up on three train mechanisms before starting they employ some complex gear work for the strike and the chime not forgetting the auto correction for the chime. To remove the springs one has to let down the power on all the barrels before doing anything. If this is your first attempt at repairing a clock I should get hold of a simple two train strike only to practise on and gain knowledge before doing a three train clock. Cleaning can be done using any branded clock cleaner and a brush, wear rubber gloves , Priory polishes do a good cleaner and not too expensive, Windles clock oil is a good one  a good selection of screwdriver, pliers, an eyeglass or loupe for inspection Donald de carles book on clock repairing or brian loomes book  or laurie penman all available on the net as are the tools, you may need a spring removal tool to get the springs out of the barrels. So s you see it is not some. .thing to be taken lightly  there is a lot to go wrong.  One could write a whole chapters on the rights and wrongs and do's and dont 's on clock repairing.
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