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Reposition mechanism

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I couldn't resist and bought a "grandfather clock" - you should have heard what the missus said when I got home lol.

Anyway - it was only £20 on gumtree. It's got a Mermle 241.080 movement which seems to be in working order (needs a clean as it's all been sat in a garage for 2+ years). The case looks a little dubious - possibly home made. Anyhow - the mechanism is mounted to far forward so that the weights just touch the inside of the door. (which is probably why the top pane of glass is missing).

To mount it further back I would need to increase the length of the minute and hour shafts. Looking on cousins it seems to show different length options - is this correct or am I misreading it all?

Are there any other options?

Original pics from ad:


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2 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

I expect the movement is a Hermle and not Mermle

Yes - typo.

It's held in with two screws on the bottom to a fixed board (will do some photos tonight). I could reposition it and holes, but that would mean the minute shaft would be too short to reach the dial - hence was wondering if there were longer versions.

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The case defiantly looks amateur - but for £20 I'm not worried.

Might just be worth scrapping the case and keeping the movement? Date stamp shows this was made in 1989.

Better photos. As you can see the mounting is crude and too far forward.




Oh yeah the missus said "What the @*!% is that and where the hell are you thinking of putting it and it's not going in the living room and you better not get any more the place already looks a mess with all these damn clocks ticking all the time and cluttering up the place ...... <carried on like that with no pause or punctuation for while longer> ... well, does it work?"


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 I would say the seat board is a lot wider than it needs to be for the movement. What if you cut some off, with the movement fitted it would be closer to the back. Providing the pendulum does not touch the back, you do not want it rubbing. By doing this the weights will be clear at the front.

What does it strike on. Is it a rod or a gong.

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It's a gong.

I see what mean - for some reason I was thinking I couldn't recess the dial - but it's mounted on the movement so I can.



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