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    • By arkobugg
      Cheers mates!
      Arkobugg    are doing things he haven’t done before…

      This movement are dead, and I need a new one, how do I do this??

      Where can I find one that fit??

    • By Furqan
      Hello Everyone.
      I need some help with repairing my Emporio Armani ar-1922.
      I've watched some videos on YouTube but none of them resemble the movement of this particular watch.
      My first problem is removing the stem/crown. I cannot see anything which looks like it will release the stem and I don't want to poke around inside it any more for fear of creating any damage.
      Any help will be much appreciated.

    • By FredS
      I have a j810 movement that needs a stem and crown. Can’t find part numbers. Citizen eco-drive j810-s088232.
    • By Joshua
      Hey, so I have a question. I've got an Invicta dive watch with a NH35A movement here that whenever I unthread the stem and crown as it is unthreading the date starts changing. Once its unthreaded I can change it to the 1, 2 and 3 positions and set and wind it accordingly. How can I fix this and what is causing this? 
      Yours truly, Josh
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    • That's a beautiful watch but the market is small.  I have a nearly identical Tissot in 14k white gold which I picked up for $75.  An Omega would command more I'm sure.
    • Welcome here. Looks like a flat crystal, easy to get and replace. You can find the part, as well a press and digital calipers on Ebay. You can also fit a sapphire crystal for few dollars more. The cheapest place to buy is Alixepress if you don't mind a longer shipping time. 
    • The small motor, copy of Foredom, found on any online platform, is perfect. Then an assortment of hard felt wheels, mandrels for paper and small wheel, and compounds.  BTW we have a section dedicated to discussing tools, as well one where it's considered polite to introduce oneself. You may ask mods to move your post using the report flag top right. 
    • This.  OP, please do not transform this piece in a casualty of your curiosity. You have been given a lot of relevant information but there is a great difference between theory and practice, which you shall discover by learning first on something of small monetary value and that is not part of your family heritage. 
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