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    • By rduckwor
      Early 60's Elgin 10K Shockmaster. I suppose one of their attempts at water proofing a watch (see the crystal and gasket in the second picture). The question is how to get the crown off (Its wobbly when pulled out to the set position and I am certain it contains a gasket) so I can remove the movement? Dis-assemble the keyless works in place so I can grab the stem and unscrew the crown?? Thanks.

    • By east3rn
      I am working on a vintage watch and the crown of the watch is fitted with a hidden type gasket which is 
      in terrible condition and needs to be replaced.
      However, I found it difficult to pull the gasket out with my tweezers or tooth pick. 
      Could anyone recommend an easier way to remove this kind of gasket from the crown??
      I forgot to take a photo of the crown so I attached a similar example I found on the web.

    • By 2lostsouls
      Good afternoon everyone. I have finally taken apart my wife's grandfathers Timex watch, which has a 24 movement. I have several questions:
      1. The stem is really sloppy, what can cause that?
      2. What is the best way to clean this movement. I do not have a machine so it will be done manually.
      3. Where can I get a crystal? Is there a place to buy them if I measure it? 
      Thank you for all of your help. 
    • By abush
      Is there a proper way to remove a stem from a DG3804B so as not to booger the keyless works?.  I have removed movements before, replaced crystals and replaced hands and never had an issue with stems until now.
      I was building my first GMT and was not able to get stem back in!  I had to rebuild the keyless works a real pain. I'm hesitant to try to remove stem again.
      I think it should be in the 'hand setting' position and perhaps ever so gently press on the release until it just lets go. I'm guessing to much pressure allows the winding pinion to slide out of place.
      Any advise perhaps Mark can do a video on this issue?   My current plan to to leave stem in, trim it, then use extended so as not to even remove the stem  (not best solution) just a real pain to fix the keyless works.
    • By Giuseppe
      Hello I'm starting to service a vintage zenith with 2572PC movement in it.
      First problem is I can't seem to find a way to release the winder.
      This apperas to be the simplest type of relese system as a push down bolt is easily spotted.
      The point is it just doesn't release and this is where doubts come in...
      Am I missing something?
      In the attached image I'm trying to show what is unexpected to my unexperienced eyes.

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    • Have adjusted it like that. Also removed the jumper altogether to see if the disc would move more, but it didn't. I measured the diameter of the peg on the driving wheel and it's 0.3mm, is this the correct size?, to me the peg looks a little bit smaller then the other once I see pictured here.
    • Forgott to add a picture showing the correct height, just make it level with the hour wheel.  
    • It is supposed to be completely flat, no wobble. If it's not flat there is a risk the disk is not just scew but the date ring also is misaligned to the star wheel. The snappy action during date shift will for sure not work in that case. A date jumper is supposed to do what the name applies, keep the dial in place with a small force, just to keep it in place only by friction will make the dial move a slight bit with every small chock the watch gets and I doubt even ROLEX haven't made it work that way, but one never knows ,
    • Welcome to the forum David, Glad to hear you survived the hurricane ok, Dont get any this side of the pond just windy and damp
    • Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, all. I've been an enthusiast for a very long time(I'm 65) but have never progressed past the stage of strip and clean. I'll set up my bench and then not touch it for a year or so, but I'm back. I live in Mexico Beach, FL and as most of the area our home was almost destroyed by hurricane Michael last Oct 10th, 2018, but lucky for my lovely wife and me the interior of our home was untouched, so watch bench, tools and my collection were all in great shape. Most of the home repairs are done with a few items remaining that are lower priority, so back to some sort of normal for us. I look forward to reading the forum for tips and knowledge. Regards...
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