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Change battery cheap quartz

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Dear all,

It's my first post here, please excuse if I post to the wrong sub-forum.

I own a small collection of quartz and automatic watches and at least do most of the usual service myself.

A friend of mine gave me an old watch she likes and asked me if I can change the battery. She told me it's around 25 years old and cheap but she likes the dial. It was a present by a french bank she worked for.

All my watches are either press or screw down backs and I have never seen a watch like this. It seems that the only possible way to open the watch is the small plastic notch on the back. I tried to open it with quite some force but it didn't open.

Do I overlook something, is there a special way to open it?

I also got the original case. A note in it says in french that the battery is interchangeable.

Already thanks for all your help!

Best regards,






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The plastic cap is to access the stem release, afterwhich the crystal should pop out by pumping air in it.

If one just pull the stem something will break assuming isn't broken already

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On 21/5/2018 at 5:12 PM, clockboy said:

It might come out from the front or it might be a Swatch clone which I am afraid means that is not possible to change the battery. Hoping I am wrong though

On all and any Swatch and copies it's possible to change the battery. It's just that some are more difficult than others, and it's not a job intended for the owner.

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I now have consulted three professional watch repair shops. Two told me the battery can't be swapped, one told me he will have to destroy the glass for it.

None of the three knew what the plastic cap is for.

Where have all the pros gone .. ? =)

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Can you try and remove that rear hatch? I'd try some double sided tape and then suddenly pull on the crystal to remove it. I'd hold off  pulling the stem unless you know how it works.

Also try remove the strap, maybe something hiding behind there!

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