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    • Hi , have you cleaned the watch and made sure there isn’t any of the broken staff left in the pivot holes, and am I reading it right that it’s just to long ?

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    • Yes, I'm slowly getting there; "worn-out" & exhausted are perhaps additional descriptions But indeed, the learning curve has already been tremendous. I know now much more the in-depth workings of an escape wheel, the interaction with the pallet fork jewels; lock, unlock, draw and the sounds they create. The pallet fork, horn & dart. Also I went much further & deeper then ever before with the W.O.S timegrapher software, the raw data and trying to understand the interpretations / implications, the sweep graphs etc. How to determine the lift-angle with a timegrapher and a whole lot more. Of course, next to everybody who contributed with advice, JohnR725, the timergrapher "guru" helped and taught me a tremendous amount Anyway, "we" haven't fully given up........ Let's wait for the final 503 results and then draw a conclusion ......
    • It's been a good learning experience, for you, and us watching.  I never try to give up on these difficult movements, because you can learn so much about what could be wrong. And I've still lots to learn. ....... but there's always a point when you've had enough !  Good luck
    • Ok I will file the sharp edges to smooth the stop/sound pick up post. I've heard if many people putting tape or heat shrink tubing over the stop to prevent the scratching but this would affect the ability of the timegrapher hear the watch.   Thanks again.   Tom  
    • @mikepilk: thanks There were 3x more or less identical movements, same age, same N.O.S, same springs; all behaved the same. I have no doubt that the springs have lost some of their "springness". However, they are still willing to get out of the barrel once you start pealing the center out. I straightened the tail ends, that helped .... so they do give some "resistance". There is also a "reasonable" amount of tension if you wind the barrel. New springs will for sure improve the amplitude but at the moment I'm not convinced whether these movements are worth the investment? The huge beat error (where there shouldn't be any !), the wave in the 503 wheel train, the erratic pulses on one side of the 503 pallet fork jewel, the daily rate changes a lot in different positions, etc etc. If they were running smooth, but just low amplitude, no doubt I would order some new springs ..... at the moment I'm not so sure ....... Anyway, anybody who is still hanging in there, still following this thread and try to help, should be promoted to "Distinguished WRT member"