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Screwdrivers Choices

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But you are all missing the point. The final mark of quality is that the blades should be dressed with the Horotec or Bergeon twin roller sharpener that produces parallel faces at the blade end. $$$$$

It does make a lovely job Colin, but not required unless you just have to have hollow ground blades.

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As others have said, it's the quality of the blades that's the most important factor.


However, I decided to treat myself to a recent birthday present with a set of VOH screwdrivers, they are an absolute pleasure to use (and have a nicer feel than any Bergeon, Horotec or AF that I've used).




But I also use various other screwdrivers where one of the VOHs isn't suitable, these are mostly tailored and dressed for individual tasks, here are about half of them  :biggrin:


And also as others have said, shaping and finishing the blades is critical to maintaining good tools and reducing the risk of damage to scres and other delicate bits. 



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I suppose this is a "sentimental" 2.5 mm screwdriver issue, otherwise I would get a different brand, readily available from your preferred -- read expensive -- brands, whichever one you choose. The nice thing about screwdrivers is that there are tips available separately so maybe, just maybe a VOH for say, 2.0mm tips, with a little elbow grease may "host" a 2.5mm tip...of course the color code will be screwed up...pardon the pun.  :)


In any case, I hope you find what you are looking for.





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They are as good as Bergeon and the tips fit each other. Some people are partial to them rather than Bergeon. Also they offer different models just like most everybody else. Honestly, I made my set a little bit of everyone so I could compare and am using mostly the cheaper Bergeon one (about $100 set of 9). All that said, it is mostly out of habit rather than because of niceties. The rubber covered ones are probably better to my taste but somehow they still get second choice. Go figure! In the end it just a matter of habit and individual preferences...at that level of quality.


Hope it helps your decision,





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I'd hold out for a VOH and only get a cheapy if you really need a 250.


I think it would make you grit your teeth every time you saw the **BLEEP** child among your VOH beauties.


I know it would me.


Best of luck with your hunt.









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