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Ingersoll navigator

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Hi, just introducing my newest addition. I am not usually interested in battery watches but this one caught my eye as it is rechargeable and came complete with the charger and spare bracelet links. It's keeping perfect time and appears to be virtually unworn. I don't know anything about this watch, age etc and if anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful. Bought at car boot sale for £12.50 so it didn't break the bank and seems very well made.





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Googling only turned up a few examples similar to yours, seems to from the late 90s. They don't seem to keep their value very well given what people seem to have sold them for, including yours. Ingersoll watches new seem to go from £200 upwards. But I know nothing about the brands history ie if it's manufacturing standards have improved or declined over the years and so am not sure if current pricing of Ingersoll watches is any indication of original worth. Quite a nice, unique watch isn't it? Good find, especially given it's condition. 

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5 minutes ago, Navigator said:

15581266820779064670554682936618.thumb.jpg.e8078fef40869955ed506492bbdeb4f9.jpgI got one as well and it's in box with charger, bracelet link broke and was wondering if you consider selling the spare links as it's a favourite of mine as my sister gave me it but can't wear die to broken strap



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Hi, depending where you are? This may help. When I got my Navigator the bracelet was three links too small. Ingersoll are owned by Zeon, their office/workshop is in Waterloo road, London NW10, I got in touch with them and their service was superb. I explained my problem and five days later three links arrived in the post free of charge. You could possibly Google them and get a phone number?  Hope this helps.

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Have three of these Zeon Tech Navigator watches, but alas only one charger. They are rebadged Ricoh REQ & quite a nice quality quartz.

When your internal  rechargeable cell becomes tired (most are by now) you need to buy LIR 1620. The original cells are Sony US1620N, but the LIR1620 is a fit, form & function replacement. 

Of course a standard CR1620 cell also fits, but then you lose the recharge ability. 

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