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Polite question and answers only

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To answer your question, forum moderators are clockboy and myself. Forum Admin and Owner is Mark Lovick. About the issue that you're raising in subject, one thing is having a polite forum, another is not being straight on the need of using proper tools and techniques. Not maintaining this objective could allow topics to become diseducative, not good for a leading technical forum.

For example,  I own and occasionally use a bench type opener simply because some screw-type caseback cannot be opened without, as I found myself. Incidentally, I don't call myself a watchmaker of any kind. That takes 4-5 years of fully time study in a professional school, or the equivalent, qualified working experience. 

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Moderators perform an essential role in any community, but all have checks and balances. I am the main admin and even I have to control myself in order to attempt to maintain a friendly forum.

I am sorry you were prompted to create this thread - I think I know the reason.

I am extremely busy at the moment creating new content for the course BUT I want it known that I still monitor very closely the security of the software. I cannot, however, have time to monitor each and every thread - that's why we have the "REPORT POST" feature (which people can use in order to notify moderators and myself of potential problems).

It is discouraging and makes the community look bad when we see lack of patience and bickering so please do use this feature and hopefully we can keep this community growing.

This is not the largest watch forum on the net - but I did start it with a vision for being among the friendliest :)

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