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    • By Matthew
      Good (insert time here) everyone!
           I am relatively new to the world of clockwork repair and maintenence, but have done delicate metalwork, mechanism cleaning, and enjoy fixing things. Just recently, my sister brought home her boyfriends late great grandmothers singing bird in cage automata. For those of you who dont completely know or understand what it is, its basically a spring driven mechanism using bellows and a variable organ pipe to make bird sounds and move a little birdie around and "sing" (Example of singing bird mechanism working).
           His aunt wants it to be operational again, and after opening it up (not yet taking much apart) I have come to the conclusion that it could just use a good cleaning and oiling. But, my question is, what kind of oil should I use and how should I apply it? I don't have any fancy oils except for a bottle of valve oil for my trumpet at my current disposal, but I would like to buy some decent clockwork oil for this project and a sankyo music box repair I have waiting. 
           Note: come to find out while writing this, it was made by eschle reuge I'm Germany, probably around the 50's or 40's.

    • By maclerche
      When I look at watchmaker workbenches i see that it is performed in many different shapes and designs. I would like to see and hear about your experience with watchmaking Workbenches. What to prefer in and what will you recommend. Image of your own solutions will be great. It is specifically the top plate I am thinking about!
      Thank you in advance ...

    • By dferrier
      Here is how one guy did it:

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    • A once great American  retailer. Montgomery (monkey) Ward sold watches  under  the legant  lable.This Hamazawa powered version  came with a bad mainspring. After  cleaning  lubing swapping. this example  runs surprisingly  well. Don't turn up your  nose  at a 17 jewel Hamazawa. They  are better  than you might  think.
    • Digital  watches  are great provided  you can read the numbers!
    • My advice would be to spend most of that for tools. You already have the stero microscope to see very closely. Taking super high res picture would not fix faults and to get advice on the forum all you need is a regular macro camera even if few years old. Bust surely you need a stand.
    • yer i only want to spend about £400. And no i don,t have a camera as yet.
    • Thing game might cost good money so I suggest that you play it conservatively. Do you have a camera now? What is your budget? I would start getting a small macro stand and experiment placing the loupe in front of the lens. Sometimes good results are achieved with ingenuity not sophisticated gear. 
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