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Waltham Free Mason Watch Disassemble

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    • Thanks... Good warm up game last night...
    • If you suspect the autowinder, I just remove the module, normally the two screws that tighten the module to the gear bridhe are darker in color. Yes long screws can be the cause. Also check the ratchet wheel reduction wheel, its arbor drops in jewel hole in barrel bridge. The movement is vitually a manual wind once the winder module is removed. We can monitor the patern it stops,which can tell where to look for the faulf.
    • Anytime were working with American pocket watches it's nice to have the serial number especially when looking for parts. Then because this is not your normal 12 size it's extra thin looks like you're right it's a friction jewel setting.  So image extracted from a listing so we get the diameter and the thickness. Then the other minor problem with Illinois all the different part numbers to make for a confusing mess.
    • Greetings all. I just serviced a Girard-Perregaux automatic movement. It seems to run fine, but ends up stopping for reasons unknown. It seems like it may have something to do with the center-wheel contacting the top of the barrel. If there is clearance, it is by very little. It seems to stop most often once the automatic mechanism is replaced. I'm wondering if by tightening the automatic mechanism down to the train-bridge, it's dropping that center-wheel to barrel clearance to nothing, thereby stopping the movement. Does anyone have experience with this ETA 1256 auto movement that can offer any ideas as to what the issues might be? What do you think would cause the barrel to be so close to the underneath of the center-wheel? Any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance.  Cheers.  
    • I have studied the data sheet at some length and there is nothing obvious to me. On the right of the frame drawing there are a couple of sections showing 2 screws - I assume ?  these are for fixing the movement and the strap might just fit these screws - but I would then expect two straps to be supplied to fit the two screws.
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