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Old stopwatch I took apart, need help to get it to work.

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I recently bought an old stopwatch from the USSR, I bought it on eBay and it said it was missing parts. I can't figure out what they are. I figured out how to reassemble, but it doesn't tick. There doesn't seem to be a mainspring and I don't know where one would be. Does anyone know how stopwatches work and how they tick without mainspring? There is this pendulum which makes everything move when I ticks. How does it swing, what force is pushing? Thanks for any help. Photo: 


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3 hours ago, Marc said:

That looks more like a pedometer than a top watch to me


3 hours ago, clockboy said:

Agree with Marc. Certainly not a stopwatch.


1 hour ago, oldhippy said:

I'll go along with that. You can tell by the weight it only goes l or R when you walk.

I'm sending more photos, I am pretty sure it's a stopwatch, but it might not be.




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