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    • Almost zero experience with removing and refitting bezels, it's a blindspot for me and ive always considered it too hair-raising, i'd rather let my companies' central workshop deal with the odd bezel issue, don't even have tools specific for bezel work, neither do I have an s-14 tool or simular, Im not exactly sure how inexpensive they are, but at the end of the day I'm only trying to carry out a battery change. (in theory, it might need more than that given its age) In short I just don't feel like there's a lot of profit in it for the cost and risk, better to focus on the other jobs i have and send this one up. Actually, I'm kind of tempted to fix that blindspot now. got plenty of scrap watches to practice on, what's the minimum set of tools you'd suggest?
    • Welcome, Michael. You have come to the right place.
    • It seems to be a common property of polymers. Here's a description of the mechanism: https://polymerdatabase.com/polymer physics/Permeability.html So that plastic bag may be permeable to water vapour, and to a lesser extent to liquid water. An important function of the bag is to stop the solid desiccant mixing with your vitamins. Maybe the reason it's so resistant to tearing is because the pellets are harmful if swallowed.
    • congratulations jdrichard, needs lot of patience and skill for this work    
    • I love quality but IMHO cost must be reasonable for the intended (hobbyst) use. So I'm putting the $32 link anyway  https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32634442471.html
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