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    • Hello JohnR725 I appreciate very mutch all the good help I have got during this watch repair!   But that is why I usual stick to mechanical watches, and that this was just for a really good friend. And that I usually dont do quartz.     Thanks to ya all...    :-) JohnR725  
    • Thanks Guys, oldhippy, when you grow up with the poisonous creepy crawlies you learn to know what to watch out for and respect your surroundings. We've had several Tiger Snakes, that we've known of, in our yard over the last 18 years, which isn't bad considering we back onto a creek. And that same creek brings us wallabies and water birds, so that's a definite bonus. Too much sun exposure is more of a worry, and killer, in this country ecodec, It's the making of things that drives me Hey Geo, I didn't have the brass for it so... A friend of ours gave me the, then rusty, bobbin winder for an antique sewing machine to turn into the drive wheel. I drilled a shallow hole in the bottom of each foot and inserted a crepe rubber plug that just protrudes by less than a mm. This stops it from moving in use, while not making it 'wiggly' on the rubber. Here's a view from the other side showing the adjuster slot for the belt tension and, if you look closely, you can see a nail that goes through both clamp jaws (tight in one and free in the other) that I hook the 'tail' of the turns under. This makes the turns very secure, even before tightening the two wing nuts on the clamp.
      Have a good night guys. Cheers
    • I'm not sure the hands on the eBay clock are original - the minutes hand looks a bit short.
    • That tailstock is actually a sensitive drilling attachment. Probably worth around £100. And the cross-slide is probably worth £150 - £200 alone. I find that most 8mm collets are interchangeable. You'll have to suck it and see. Don't bother buying them here or there: just get yourself a decent looking set. If you are planning on making clock parts or tool parts then consider getting some larger sizes too (5mm+).
    • Hi Duncan, welcome aboard.   I love the wooden frame that you have made for driving the turns an rather stylish piece of micro turning.  You are obviously a craftsman with stylish artistic flair, and I look forward to seeing more of your endeavours in the future.