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    • as i said "if manufacturer calls for it" either way what oils are they suggesting to use with it, and again as i said 3x i find it acceptable to use in conjunction with 9010. I have never used it with 9415, never had any issues. It was designed to be used without epilame, regardless of this not being the issue with this particular movement you still stated quote "that you oil every 3rd tooth of the escape wheel" so it could have been an issue with your previous unsuccessful attempts since it could be you are over oiling regardless of your methods, which is why i mentioned it. again never heard of oiling the escape wheel and not the pallets. not saying its wrong just never heard of it, like ever. The way i was taught by a man who is the only omega certified watch repairer in canada BTW is you apply one drop on the exit and entry stones, run the escape for 10 revolutions then ad another drop on each stone with another 10 revolutions until oil has spread evenly on all teeth, do this using 9010 with epilame, or 9415. I was taught by the same man that as you move the pallet fork, and the escape wheel tooth starts to come across the impulse surface of the pallet fork jewel, you will see a small wedge of oil form in the angle between the tooth and the jewel. If that forms when the leading edge of the tooth is about 1/2 way across the surface of the jewel, that is the right amount of oil. If it forms earlier than that, it’s probably too much, and if it only forms very late as it moves across, that’s probably too little. Its not just a matter of looking at the escape under a microscope with no action.   and as you stated here it says nothing about not being successful with only chinese clones, i will re-quote with the words "literally every watch" I guess you know more than me so ill just see my way out of this discussion
    • Is it okay with a white? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Disque-Date-Date-Dur-2557-1-H-3-00-CL-Naturel-As-2063-2066/223766693408?hash=item341988c620:g:dM8AAOSwLsxbNitr  
    • Hi  Vinn is spot on.  Its a quartz module and this is the standard fitting  usually I use a screw driver aka Old Hippy but its easy enough to make a key/driver to fit as per Old Hippy Photo.  
    • What happens, as the OP explained, is that quick setting date works, but not advance with time. So it has to be looked at again.
    • Hi  I have attached the tech sheets for the ETA hope you can find what you are looking for on these.  Probably Cousins uk could supply,    cheers 3621_eta2895.2ViewDoc.pdf 16_ETA2895.2.pdf
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