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    • I presume by that, you mean that they would survive a nuclear apocalypse, rather than that they are tasty when fried in a wok. EDIT: I forgot to mention it also needed the winding pinion replaced as there were teeth missing.
    • Hi *, Originally I did not introduce myself thinking noone is really interested who I am but after a few months and after receiving so many friendly advice and comments I felt i must do it. The story is started with this one: WWW Eterna I knew absolutely nothing about clocks and watches apart from the fact that they do show the time and you can overwound them.  Now i am on level 3 with the course and I have already serviced a few watches and clocks. I seem to like clocks more than watches but time will decide. I want to live a 1000 years to see all type of clocks and watches and to try all the food we have on this globe.  Id like to learn more about clocks and watches and I would love to have the experience with them but I have a very limited time I can spend with them, anyway I am going to be the new Tompion. If you find a WWW watch in the dirt let me know I am interested in buying it. I am Hungarian but living in UK, Cambridgeshire so I am not just breaking the pivots, but English too time to time. Good luck and my best regards, lui    
    • The cockroach  of watches.
    • Hello Clockmakers, unfortunately I could not spend much time with clocks recently (what a relief for them) but now I have to read about carriage clocks. I paid £48 pounds for this one without knowing anything about carriage clocks, sounds realistic but i dont know. I have already manually cleaned the case a bit, but did not touch the movement yet. What I noticed is that every brass piece has a number stamped in it: 756 What does that mean? Serial number? Or the type? Ohh and more thing. Should it be really shiny and polished? Generally speaking? Or shall we leave the patina on? Best regards, lui  VID_20191016_002219.mp4
    • Thank you. This repair forum is fantastic on many  levels the people on here are honest and reliable and makes the whole experience pleasurable.
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