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    • The first thing we do in the watch corse is make all students screwdrivers hollow... ;-)
    • Looking at this site they both have the same Balance staff. However I am not sure they have the same balance assembly but it is highly likely.  https://www.balancestaffs.com/eta.php
    • I agree. From what I know, The British Horological Institute and watchmaker schools in the Netherlands teach to work on watches with flat ground screwdrivers. Hollow ground is useful for screws made of a softer metal such as gold and convex screws that you sometimes see in older watches and also sometimes used as case screws.
    • How are escapement wheels and pinion assembled?  Would instaling the pinion onto the escape wheel on staking set, suffice?      Or the joint should also be shellaced?   I used to just glue the joint, but do expect some sort of corrossive effect from the glue. Thanks in advance.
    • In school we uses this one, also to make hollow blades on a screw driver.   https://www.beco-technic.com/werkzeuge-verbrauchsartikel/schraubendreher/zubehoer-fuer-schraubendreher/schleifwerkzeug-fuer-schraubendreherklingen/schleifwerkzeug-profi-fuer-schraubendreherklingen.html   But is very expansive.   This one is cheaper, but don't know if you can use it on al screwdrivers from the Bergeon set, because it only have 3 holders.   https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/screwdriver-sharpener-tool-horotec   But this is wat you really need:  
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