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    • I've spent a lot of time and a ton of money trying to get an optimal magnification solution. I wear glasses and the the only really well working clip-on I've found is Bergeon's ARY clip-ons. You can see them here. Nevertheless, I do not use this clip-on or any other lupes as I want to take advantage of the fact that I have two eyes and hence have stereo vision which helps immensely to determine distance when working with tweezers, etc. Instead I use magnification glasses (seen in this post) and a stereo microscope for all my work. It would seem to me that 99 % of all watch repairers and watchmakers prefer loups, but I just don't see the advantage of monovision. Perhaps it is just tradition?
    • Everyone has their own preference when it comes to eye glasses; the only thing I will say is you need a few with various different magnifications. I would look at good watch/clock suppliers for these items. One little tip, if the eye glass fogs up, drill a tiny hole in it.    
    • This subject has previously been covered, use search function to find the relevent thread. Regards
    • Those hairspring vibrators are extremely hard to come by, i have been trying to get one for the last 2 years, i saw one once listed for $400 on eBay and it was sold in minutes I didn’t even have time to click buy it now. Video slow motion is really the easiest way to do this.
    • The balance has a decent about of clearance from the plate and if it is making contact then the bend has to be right at the edge of the movement. Which still blows my mind how it can occur, not to mention if there was something forceful enough to do that then i cant imagine how nothing else is damaged. I would really love to see a pic of this movement. It should be in some kind of medical journal for watches.
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