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Looking for a very specific replacement part or ideas how to make one


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Hi all,

I made a great fleamarket finding but as usual there is at least one issue. The subject is an old renova pocket watch with a built-in alarm. According to my searches on the internet, it was re-branded on the dial for various companies. Mine was branded with RENOVA (which matches the watch movement engravings) and a Brand of a local Jewelries dealer (Ed. Barth, Zurich).


So far so good, as the alarm and everything was working, I could not set the time, so I had to disassemble it to find out how it is supposed to work and how to fix it.

I found out that the usual technique for setting the time would have been just pulling the crown out. But there is one part broken, which prevent the mechanism to stay in place. See the following fotos:


Next a picutre how it is supposed to look inside.



For a better view I removed the piece and made a photo how it should look like.



So my question is now, can you either help me to source this part for a swiss renova movement or do you know which caliber /replacement is identical? 

Or do you got ideas on how to make one by myself? I got very limited ability in making metal work by myself. 

If someone feels like in the mood on doing one for me, please let me know what would be the costs. I could spend some bugs but not a massive investment, as the watch itself is not worth so much money. I am happy to make a better photo with meassurements or provide a scan of the part with scaleing etc.

And jup, that beast had grease allover the place and needs a cleaning. 



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