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Valjoux 7730 Cam Adjustment


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Hi everyone, 

Thanks in advance for your patience- novice here!

The chronograph function on this 7730 movement starts fine but doesn't stop reliably (If and when the operating lever does engage the stop, the reset works great, however). When I open up the movement case back, I see that operating lever (blue arrow on the annotated stock picture) has a bit of play and moves around, such that if I do engage the operating lever, i.e., begin the chronograph, and then gently push the reset button , the reset lever (red arrow in diagram)  'nudges' the operating lever back into the correct position, so that when pressed, it does stop the chronograph (move the cam). 

I should also note that the tab/spring (where the green arrow points) is  a bit deformed on my movement and doesn't exactly touch the screw. Perhaps this is a contributing factor?

I can't seem to figure out how to resolve this problem. Does anyone have any thoughts? 


Many thanks,






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1 hour ago, blackmamba said:

what amplitude are we looking at to achive on the 7730

I don't think it different from any other Swiss watch, 250° is a pretty common standard.

BTW, on our friendly forum it's considered polite to introduce oneself in the dedicated section before starting asking questions.

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