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    • Sometimes getting the editor to remove things is difficult  if seemingly impossible. So there's a interesting feature you can make use of an all or nothing delete feature. That is you have something you want to delete close the window/Tab that this website is in.  I sometimes do this I forget I'm doing a reply.  I go to research something I leave come back and it looks like there's nothing in the editor. But soon as you click that you going to reply the editor remembers everything. Which used to be still prevented you from deleting off anything but that's changed it now has a new feature. I've attached image of what you should see it knows it's restoring previous text it gives you the option of leaving all of it. But if you want to keep it you can hit the acts and everything stays. As I said really nice if you forget that you're towing something in need to come back equally nice if you want to delete everything and start over. The problem of spare parts and where to get them? Then there are other complications like who you are hobbyist versus professional and where you are? For instance there's a lot of local material houses  that won't even do online trading they only deal with the watchmakers in the region a lot of these won't even talk to hobbyists. Simplistically if you're not in the trade you don't exist as far as they are concerned.  Then the online dealers do they ship out of the country? So for instance there is a place where we buy things from the get the best price you have to be a login is usually just a couple of dollars off whatever they show so your NH35 movement is $38.. Then there's the other strange thing sometimes even the wholesale material house is not the cheapest place to buy things from. A lot of times eBay is cheaper but not necessarily. You basically if you want the best price you have to go shopping  and look at everybody. http://www.startimesupply.com/    
    • Super nice!! Where was that???

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    • I ran across this cool bench the other day.  I might need to make one.
    • Fantastic resto's @MattWatch. Well done
    • I’d recommend taking it to a jewelers to ask about gold solder. Epoxy could be messy and usually ends up where you don’t want it.   Beautiful watch and worth doing properly IMO...   Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk