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hello my name is T I am a beginner in the watch repair field small amount of experience, Would like to make it my business

have been a master jeweler for 20 years

pre fab manufacture but would like to explore the watch repair business I enjoy building.

have done the lesson 1 and 2 and would like to continue with the advance course and videos any advice would be helpful

as I am stumbling around the site I think this guy Marc Lovick is a great teacher ..

just need to know how to get around this actually took me about a week to get this far.

thanks I look forward to a reply   T

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    • The quality of the Chinese hand removers is getting worse. The first one I bought 4 years ago was still ok, but the ones I bought recently were totally useless. The two white plastic blocks on my original were riveted to the metal with brass rivets. The recent ones were just held by a plastic pin with the ends flattened by a soldering iron. It broke on the first use.
    • Hi @Neverenoughwatches Thank you for those kind words. Whilst I've mentioned Marvin, anything from that MSR group of companies is worth a look. I have a couple of Revue's, a Vertex and a Vulcain. All nice watches. As you say though the fashion for when these were popular was of the smaller size compared to what people prefer today. But fashions come and go and, probably like me, you like what you like and wear what you like. 🙂 You've mentioned Longines and as a bit of trivia their 490 movement is the same as the Marvin 700 (but you'll pay a premium for the former).   Now coming back to your question... ... there was actually a way that someone with no (Marvin in this case) knowledge and trying to find a needle in a haystack could have tracked this down. There was some very good information provided by the OP and having just sanity checked the method I'll explain below could have allowed the pinpoint. Let me try and explain! 🙃 Those two pieces of information were 1914 and 13''' (in fact I think it should be a forum mandate that anyone wanting help identifying a movement has to include such size information and preferably a pic of the keyless works! 🙂 ). You'll probably have noticed from any use of the ranfft.de site that it is good at providing the ligne size and usually an example of date of manufacture against movement details. So try this search in your browser bar... 13''' 1914 site:ranfft.de Note the three single quotes after the number for ligne size - this format needed for a match to how ranfft provides a size. This tells the browser to just search the site ranfft.de for any pages with those, in this example, two search terms. Clearly if there were other or different search terms these could be used. Now look at images returned (I'm using google and sometimes have to select the "see more anyway" option at the bottom of the page if there are more images returned than the paltry default google pulls back). In this case no matches. But don't despair as we know we should be looking at a reasonable year range for when the movement might have been used and thus be in the ranfft example. So change 1914 to 1915 and repeat. Mmm ... still nothing. But now change 1915 to 1916. Bingo!!! There's the fella - fourth image on the top row. Yippee!!! 😃 Hope the above makes sense! It can be a good way (watch movements or not) if trying to track or narrow something down you think is likely to be against a specific website.
    • Hi  A picture of the underside of the bezel and the front of the watch would be helpful in determining the problem.    On some bezels there is a wavy flat spring that fits under the bezel and then the bezel snaps on , the spring prividing the tension for the bezel.  There are others in which there is a small hole in the case with a spring and a bearing (a Biro ball is some time used as a replacement) which detents on the underside of the bezel.                thanks
    • Hello and welcome to the forum
    • Hi Gaus, slightly off topic but which model Commodoor is this? I'm looking for a Parrenin 171X movement for a project and there are a couple of different model Commodoor watches on ebay at the moment.
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