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Bulova Sea King Bezel Replacement

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I’m a time freak, being a Quartemaster at sea “doing” celestial navigation. I’ve restored many old clock movements and a had a couple of Accutrons for my dad. Even resurrected an awesome grandfather clock. 
My DTD watch is a Bulova Sea King. Love the accuracy of the Precisionist/Accutron II complication. I bought the single time but it only came with a rubber strap. So I ordered a chrono Sea King and swapped to the metal signed (Sea King) bracelet. 
At first I liked the steel bezel, but now really want a Rolex style submariner ceramic bezel. I am paranoid to do the “butter knife”bezel removal, and even wondering if the hex head screws on it are just decorative or are they some kind of proprietary locking mechanism. 
Not a whole lot of info on this watch and zero mods. I really think with a black classic bezel this watch will really pop and stand up to any Submariner Homage and having the Accutron II just makes it even cooler. 
I want to make this swap, and if successful buy several more and outfit them with the signed bracelet and black ceramic bezel and sell them to fellow Coast Guard Chiefs as our “Chiefs Watch”. 
So, I request help for the following:

1. How do I safely remove the current bezel? If I have to purchase a tool what do I get?
2. How do I measure and then order a replace bezel? Will generic submariner bezels of the same pop on mine?
3. Who’s a good reliable bezel watch parts supplier to order the bezel and ceramic insert?





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I can't answer #1 but I'm thinking that the screws are decorative.

Your biggest problem is the fact that watch parts are for the most part interchangeable. In this case at least. Not only do you have to be careful of the inner and outer diameter of the bezel which you MIGHT get it right but you also have to know what type of clicking/locking mechanism it uses underneath and then there's also the height/thickness.

There are few modding parts out there and usually they're made for popular or best selling watches such as Seiko Divers, Vostok Amphibias, Rolexes, etc.

Easiest way to remove the bezel is by using a case knife. They're cheap but it can be a bit of a fiddly job and you have to be careful not do scratch anything or bend the bezel. Usually they're not that easy to bend if the metal is good quality.

You just slowly insert the tip of the knife between the bezel and case and at the same time try to twist the bezel and it should pop off. It would help to know what mechanism it uses underneath so that you won't touch any inner parts with your knife and damage something. It has happened to me.

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It is highly unlikely that a generic or Rolex style bezel would fit. I would make measurements first ie inner & outer measurements & the thickness. I use the old butter knife method but some can be real tight & damaging/scratching the watch case can happen if not very careful. 

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