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Finally found a good staking set!!  I've been looking for one since I started watch repairing a few months back.  But most I saw had either just been sold, missing parts, or in bad condition.   But

Just bought this M.K.S almost complete with 110 pieces and little used. Only need to replace 3 balance staffs against replacing the complete balance and it's earnt it's keep. Just hope it will do the

And a free comic relief nose......... :)

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3 hours ago, oldhippy said:

There looks to be many missing stakes and plugs. New stakes/plugs can be bought from good suppliers. Have a good look at what you might buy, Do the stakes line up with the holes in the bass, make sure there not blocked, the same goes for the stakes. Looks like it all needs a good clean, this can be done and it should then look fine. You can also find second hand stakes on ebay. The price is fair. Just make sure it all works and moves free.

Hi OH, I can think of trying each stake with a right size staff to see if things line up with the holes in the base. How else can we check for alignments.


Thanks in advance.


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Make sure this part (red arrow) isn’t damaged and can lock and be freed. Some types cannot be moved so check for damage. You need to have the most pointed stake and see it it lines up center to the holes (black arrow) make sure none of the holes are damaged and not blocked. The black arrow part must be able to be un-locked and locked. All punches should be able to fit into the stand with ease. Keeping the stakes in good order and the plugs will also help in the work you will undertake when using this type of tool. It is quite easy to clean the stakes/plugs with very emery cloth or the sticks, if you have a lathe it’s even better. Don’t forget this type of tool is used a lot for watch work such as b/staffs, jeweling and riveting just to name a few. Yes if you do not have a jeweling tool but you have the right punches with a stacking tool you can use it for that. The main thing is make sure things line up.     


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On 10/13/2014 at 5:50 PM, bobm12 said:



For those that would like to add stakes and punches to their staking tool, I came across a "cross reference" apparently useful...


Cross-over-punches.pdf 1.02 MB · 139 downloads


Good morning Bob. @bobm12

Maybe it's posted again later in this thread, but I was unable to download this file. I'd like to have a copy of this cross reference please!

Thanks in advance.

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And I'm asking because I'm ready to get myself something.

I think that my "ideal" would be a K&D 18R WITH the jeweling arm and micrometer. I see a few 18R sets, in various condition and completeness, but often lacking the jeweling arm parts.

Do the arms come up by themselves occasionally? I know I could get a jeweling tool seperate, and may have better control with one, but as I do not make any income with this "hobby" I need to control cost.

I am more than capable of restoring the pieces, so I'd compromise on visual condition for completeness.

@oldhippy, you had offered to check what's out there for others in this post. Would you be so kind as to take a trawl through the bay of E and see if anything jumps out at you? I have several on my watch list, and a decent one ended last night that I was considering, but I wasn't 100% sure on it and I want to avoid "throwing good money after bad" if I make the wrong investment.

Thanks to everyone!

PS here's a K&D book I found which lists all the pieces (at the time) which may be useful to others...


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I will not feign being an expert, but to me, this set looks pretty complete.  I have three sets (all inherited) and I only use the most basic set and the only thing I have used it for is staffing.  I looked at the ebay listing on this one--it will do you fine IMO.

This is not part of the "inverto" series which I only learned about today!!  Maybe I will use my new-found knowledge...maybe not.

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Looks good, the only thing with me is the staking tool looks a little off center, but it might be the camera. Yes it is complete. You can never have enough stakes I had all sorts including ones for removing cylinder plugs. 



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7 hours ago, oldhippy said:

might be the camera

I think so.  Here are some other views.  Looks fine to me, but I would ask the seller to do two things: 1) validate that the stakes insert smoothly into the arm, and 2) provide a top-down picture. 

2021-04-27 09_04_20-Window.png

2021-04-27 09_03_58-Window.png

2021-04-27 09_03_42-Window.png

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I stumbled across this set on Ebay Antique K & D Kendrick & Davis STAKING SET WATCHMAKER TOOL PUNCH FRAME w/ box

Normally, I might let it pass but I noticed the seller is litterally 1.5h away from my house by car so it might be better. Beside from being dusty, the stakes seems pretty complete so I'm curious what everyone think ?

I wanted a staking set but expected to buy much later. However, a possible balance restaffing prompted me to consider it now.

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Posted (edited)
On 4/27/2021 at 2:41 AM, oldhippy said:

Looks good, the only thing with me is the staking tool looks a little off center,

Your comment got me thinking and I passed. I'm really glad I did because a NOS C&E Marshall came up, totally unused and 100% complete. Including newspaper packing from Wednesday May 4th 1949

The packing paper was from THE LIFE newspaper Chicago Ill. (Same as the company)

Here is an interesting thought. I bought in on May 7th 2021 and it arrived yesterday.


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1 hour ago, LittleWatchShop said:

Nice!  I have that set...passed down to me from my Dad.

Actually...no.  It is a different set.  I just dug it out...whoa...it a drill press!!  I will post on it as a new topic.

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    • Yes it can;  perhaps impulse jewel can't enter the fork horn, if the shock has  knocked a pallet jewel out of alighnment or bent a pivot. Remove the two black screws then the automatic device, loosen the cock screw by couple turns, raise the bridge just enough to pass the impulse jewel over the fork so to get impulse jewel inside the horn, tighten cock screw. It will run, however , might get stuck again if pallet jewels have got misaligned or a pivot has got bent.
    • A little uninspiring.  It does run though...kinda.
    • I decided to find a knew winding pinion for my Vulcain.  I see some wear on the one I have.  I have the spec sheet on the Vulcain 120 and identified the part as #1246.  I searched around and found scotchwatch.com had one.  $45.  I really want it, so I bought it.  Meanwhile, I continued my search and found a part with a different part number (410) on Northern Watch & Clock Supplies in the UK.  It was just a couple of pounds, so I bought it. Later I looked at the invoice from scotchwatch.com and see that the part I bought is 1246 (410), so I think the part has two numbers.  Well, we will see when they arrive.  On part cost 20x the other one.  I am not complaining...as I am glad that someone takes the effort to maintain an inventory for budding watchmakers like myself.  I just think it is interesting. Learning new things every day.
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. A nice looking watch you are wearing. 
    • The hairspring is partially blocked from view by the autowinder but looks to be ok.  The balance swings with a puff in one direction but not the other.  Could it be the position for the impulse jewel and fork?
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