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Hello from Malaysia


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Hi everyone,

My name is Max and I'm a young, aspiring British watchmaker. For a few years I have been wanting to make a watch entirely from scratch. Movement and all, designed in-house. I've been collecting all the tools I need and I nearly have them all, so soon I'll finally be able to really start. I have a lot of experience with precision machining and making fine jewellery and I have a passion for mechanical things, especially watches and horological items in general. 




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Hi Max, Your precision engineering will stand you in good stead. Good luck with the project. I could not do that but an old friend who was a Swiss trained watchmaker and now gone taught me quite a lot of practical and theory. I just service and repair standard watches. Not big complications . I re-battery and fix quartz as well and the electronic`s are easy for me as I was an electronic engineer. All good wishes for your success in watchmaking, a very skilled business. There is a lot of expert knowledge on this site and use a copy of Practical Watch Repairing. de Carle. I consider it a bible on mechanical watches. The Accutron is detailed as well. Good wishes, ?Mike.

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Welcome to the forum. Your high ambition goal makes me think about this blog https://watchmaking.weebly.com/ 

So far, the guy doing it has demonstrated to be a great toolmaker, photographer and narrator, while the watch still has to be completed. And for you as well, Daniel's work will certainly be much more of a resource than repair books.  

Wish you a good start and progress! 

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