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Who here uses a microscope for most of their repair work?  I step over to the diamond scope from time to time to check out a part that my double loop eyeglass setup won't magnify enough for my need.  I would just like some feedback on how other people enlarge these small parts.

I think it would be fabulous to be able to assemble most all of the small parts with some form of a scope where you have great light and magnification.


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Many on here use a microscope as well as different eyeglasses. When I was working, I had many eyeglasses of various magnification.


Eyesight is precious so try not too strain your sight, take frequent breaks from work.

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I use a microscope only for the inspection of parts and jewels the one I have has a light underneath making it ideal for jewel inspection, most of the time I use a headband magnifier that allows binocular vision and results in far less eyestrain. I resort to a eyeglass of 10x or 5x  when refitting bridges so I can see the pivots lining up with the jewel holes clearly.

I would not use a microscope for most of my work the inconveniences far out weigh the benefits and it makes me feel almost detached from the item I'm working on but that's just my personnel  view. But they are very useful things to have.



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On 12/20/2017 at 1:25 PM, GeorgeC said:

Who here uses a microscope for most of their repair work?  I step over to the diamond scope from time to time to check out a part that my double loop eyeglass setup won't magnify enough for my need.

I do the same as you, but I'd rather just use a loupe for general work. The microscope is great for inspection, oiling, cleaning, hairspring work etc. I made some extra attachments for the boom to be able to use it with the lathe, but I could not get used to it at all; it seemed to completely screw up my hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.. Some people seem to swear by it, so I may try again sometime in the future.

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    • Thanks🙂 so much I just got your reply so I will let you know. 
    • Hi there Mr jdrichard, glad you have these holders. You can also apply pressure on stubborn screws and the Myers won't let the movement flip of the holder and the whole show end on your bench. Also keep well lubricated both holders. 
    • SG$ 5.37 32%OFF | Medical Adjustable Clavicle Posture Corrector Men Woemen Upper Back Brace Shoulder Lumbar Support Belt Corset Posture Correction https://a.aliexpress.com/_mLWEXwV I found this contraption useful. It prevents hunching.
    • Hi All, Just am update.  I have received the donor movement and took the couple of parts I needed before I started my attempt on the dial side.    I believe I am missing 3 parts.  See photos.  If anyone has them as spares, please let me know.  I am not sure the ‘Dial Rest’ part is needed for mine as it was not on the dial.  It’s big enough for not to be missed etc but I may take it if available.    Regards, Yasser.
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