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Idea for removing a very stuck screw on bezel

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This is Elgin 18 from the late 19th century.  I really like the watch, but it needs a lot - hands, balance staff, hairspring and crystal. 

Anyway, I just could not get the bezel to unscrew, impossible to get a grip.  I found a video by tshackantiques on how to remove bezels (or backs) using a hot glue gun.  I couldn't believe how well it worked!    Run a bead of hot glue carefully around the bezel.  The heat expands the bezel which helps.  Stick the lid from an appropriately sized jar to the bezel.   While the glue is still in a plastic state, it has a lot of holding power and the grip the lid gives makes it a piece of cake to unscrew the bezel.  When cool, it does not stick to the metal and picks off very easily.  









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