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Hi all,

  It's been a while since I posted anything here but tonight I was working on a watch and I thought there might be some interest in looking at it. The customer said the second hand would move but the hour and minute hands wouldn't. Usually that means the minute wheel assembly has became worn however today that part had became seized onto the center tube. Anyway I took a picture of what is under the dial of a 218 in case there was any interest. Notice the three springs that are laying about. The first time I tried working on one of these I lost every one of those things and maybe some of the other parts as well. I told my wife it was like trying to bait a mouse trap after you had already cocked it. Anyway I have this watch going now and here's what it looked like before.

Charles K


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Very nice.  I've done a couple of 218 movements as well and found the calendar springs to be difficult to set; if I remember correctly Bulova changed the design slightly between the 2181 and 218D movements as one was much easier to reassemble without the springs pinging away.

They're wonderfully engineered timepieces that keep impeccable time.

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   Since RYMoeller mentioned it they did change the both of the spring for the date. I am posting some pictures I took especially today just to show how the date goes back together. I took pictures of two springs. The date jumper spring was later changed so that the little hook was removed and you could install it after the date ring late was in place. The spring could still get away but was much easier. The bigger date spring was changer so that it could be installed onto the main plate instead of the date ring plate. As you can maybe tell in the pictures with this model you place the date jumper spring then try to mount the date ring without either spring moving. Once you get the date ring plate positioned you then have to adjust the date spring so that it is positioned properly. That's what I meant by baiting a cocked mouse trap.









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Hi again,

  You may notice that once the spring for the date jumper is in place the date ring moves. I just let it and center it up after I have the date ring guard in position with one screw loosely in place. This means there is less tension on the spring and it is less likely to run off. My technique anyway.



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