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    • By lordpagano
      Hi everyone! I bought an Aeromatic 1912 A1308 watch (have not received it yet) and I was wondering what caliber does it use. By chance I found the attached pictures, I believe it's the same caliber but I found no information on it, only that it may be a Seagull. Can somebody help?
      Thank you!!

    • By Mark
      Join me as I strip down, service and review this Chinese ETA 2892-A2 clone. Seagull ST1812 watch movement. There was a couple of issues to deal with but altogether a fairly impressive movement for the price.
    • By dferrier
      Here is how one guy did it:

    • By haratua
      I just got a new Chinese movement (TY2867), and when I push the winder in, the movement won't start. I've manually wind it a few times, pull the winder out and push it back in.
      What could be the issue? Thanks
    • By haratua
      I am struggling to find a way to remove the movement on this large Ingersoll watch from its case. Cannot seem to find any screws that pin the movement to the case. 
      Tried to remove the steel spacer, it is un-movable even with pliers.
      Does it mean that that I have to come from the glass? If through the glass, do I pry on the small opening on the bezel (see the second picture attached)?
      Appreciate any helps. Thanks.

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    • "Brain fart!!!" Brilliant expression 
    • Hi Guys, I have what I believe to be a 1970 Bulova Deep Sea Chronograph. My father passed on the watch to me after having it serviced somewhere in NYC I think. I took the watch out kayaking one day and shortly after it stopped. I imagine water intrusion being the culprit, despite not swimming or submerging the watch. As fascinated as I am with watch repair and the inner workings of these timepieces I think this is a little above my head. I would like to have the watch serviced and or refurbished and initially thought the manufacturer would be the best equipped for this task. Bulova informed me the movements are difficult to get parts for and after spending some time here in the forum it sounds like they may have saved me from having the technicians they have working at Bulova tear into the watch. I am curious if you guys have any recommendation of someone who specializes in these Bulova's that might be able to provide a little more information on parts or a reputable person that could give a timepiece of this beauty the due patience it deserves. Thanks for your help, Joel in Alaska    
    • A few more shots Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Uhhhhhhh... I'm assuming this is a brain fart... haha
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