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Hello from speedy88 in Germany!


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Hello watchlovers!

My name is Peter, I am a hobby watchmaker for 25 years now, still learning......

My interest for mechanical watches started in the beginnig of the 90ties, when eastern people came to Germany and sold russian watches on fleamarkets.

My first mechanical watch was a Poljot alarm watch, very nice, new an chaep! I dont´t remember, guess it was 20.- D-Marks, this time... This was just the beginning!

Every weekend I went to the Fleamarket nearby, buying one or two new russian watches. (Sometimes more!)

One day, you can imagine, one of this watches broke..... Damned! What is the problem? You must know, I am a vehicle machanic! So I opend the watch and had a look! OMG, a lot of tiny screws and stuff!

Next day I got me some screwdriveers and tweezers for this, started to dismantle the watch. Ok, useless to say: this was the very end of this watch! :-)

But, again, i took the next one....... And in went back to life! Great! From this day my skills got higher and higher, my workbech got bigger an bigger! Now I am able to repair all watches and chronographs!

Ok, I can do not all, but I got many friends, some are hobbists like me and some are professional watchmakers! They give some help and so do I!

In all this years I collected some watchparts and other watchstuff, my store is really huge! My dear wife helps a lot to manage all this! I you need some watchparts,ask........

That´s me! :-)

Sorry for my poor english!



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Well done Peter, Your English is good, very interesting how you started. I am 76 now and was an electronic engineer. I played around with watches back in the late 50`s and and 60`s and  have now done it for some years for a hobby. Professional watch repairers do not like amateurs over here. They are not helpful but with people like Mark Lovick around and my copy of "Practical Watch Repairing by Carle" I have done very well over a long time with only one failure that had a botched up movement !.  I serviced a Speedmaster and a Rolex Oyster for two friends recently and they are still my friends so I must be doing ok !!!. They could not afford the high charges of a "professional watch repairer". I did fix a Poljot some time ago, a Military looking watch. It was very good in my opinion although the cock had been machined a little too much and a shim had been added !.  Thanks for all your info and keep on going. Best regards, Mike.

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