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I got the bergeon winders, but am having some issues

Blue steel spring from a waltham is getting jammed in the winder when I go to eject it into the barrel

Specifically, the end that hooks on the barrel wall is sliding between the brass wall of the winder and the steel plunger section

It happened 4 times in a row, and very annoying for the cost of these winders

Anyone else experienced this? or know how to stop it?


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i am still having tons of trouble with these

just destroyed a seiko spring trying to use the winders

i bought these in the hope that they would reduce the possibility of damage

so far, blue steel springs get jammed

unbreakable springs and automatics just end up looking like birds nests

worst money i have spent in a long time

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Not that this is of any help to you, but I'm having real difficulty visualising this. My winders aren't Bergeon but are probably made in the same place (I doubt Bergeon actually make them). Anyway the fit between the wall of the winder and the steel plate is to such a small tolerance that there is no way the mainspring could slip into it, the gap is much narrower than any mainspring.

I've had other problems with the winders, the arbours being too big for example, but not this one. In the main they work well and help me re-insert mainsprings easily without deforming them. Sorry.


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Are these winders second-hand? The carbon steel plunger inside the brass barrel should be a close fit. There should not be enough room for a mainspring to slide through. 

If the brass barrel of the winder is very clean, it may be worth wiping it with a very thin film of grease to reduce friction. And don't push the winding tool hard into the mainspring barrel when plunging as it's not necessary. 

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Just on a note to add for any mainspring winder.

If the spring you are winding up is considerably shorter than the gap between the plunger and the top of the winder the spring will not wind neatly up and you can have trouble ejecting it.

To fit this up you need to machine 2 washers that just fit inside the winder, one goes against the plunger, the other against the top of the winder. You will need to file a slot on the top winder so it will fit past the spring hook.

The idea is the washers will reduce the gap inside the winder to just slightly bigger than the spring you are winding up, so they need to be made to size to fit the springs.

An example of when to do this would be when fitting the mainspring to a Seiko 7006a, the spring size is 0.95 x .11 x 400 x 10 whilst the winder height gap is around 2.6mm.

I've never come across the issue you are having with your winder, if you can I would talk to the place you bought it from.

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