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seamaster quartz electronic module



work colleague dropped in his 21st present from 29 years ago, his Omega seamaster quartz, ref 196.0280

I am looking for a 1337/9600 electronic module to replace the original, but can't find on the t'interweb.

Then thought that a replacement module may not work due to age of electronics etc etc. 

How would i get the watch working for him?  could i swap another calibre perhaps? or should he accept it wont be working anymore?

comments welcome

Many thanks




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That is probably the most sought after Omega quartz movement out there. Or maybe not. But i have seen many that would like to buy parts or get a new movement for that. Does look like your movement could have some corrosion from leaking battery. But it could just as well be okay.  Think there is a walk trough service on the forum. 

Finding parts would be difficult i think. And expensive. Maybe find a donor watch. 


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18 hours ago, Yorkie said:

thanks rogart63,

by donor watch you mean another  working identical model?

Doesn't have to be identical watch . As long as it has the same movement inside. All depends on how much he  think it's worth to him.  He could probably send it to Omega and have it repaired. But would cost more then buying a new similar watch.  

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