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    • Nonsense!  None of that has anything to do with me personally, if you think it does you have simply ignored half of what I have already said.  I'm very well aware that every hobby that has ever been invented in the history of mankind (and with a web forum dedicated to its providence) has the same type of gate-keeping.  have a good day!
    • Sure! That's quite clear. I just wondered if they were complete rubbish. The recent "elliott" looked shoddy the more I viewed the pics.. dial and hands. If I'd paid 900 lsd for this sub-min I'd be unhappy... but I paid a tenth of that, and the seller didn't pass it of as anything but a mini brass clock. That it is. 
    • Hello Watchweasol et. anyone else reading this, I managed to strip the movement and just assemble the mainspring and ratchet wheel. After inserting some rodico to jam the bottom of the mainspring barrel, I wound up the barrel using a screwdriver. When I released the click spring, the barrel moved by maybe to gear teeth or almost nothing. I inspected the mainspring and the arbour and everything looks fine. Not sure what the issue is; could be I haven't inserted the arbour correctly. The mainspring also doesn't seem to sit on the centre of the barrel groove until I place it with the arbour and lock it. I did also mess the mainspring while winding it back as I dont have a mainspring winder so had to go old school (hands). The mainspring was horribly deformed but when I wound it up the correct way, it regained I think 70% of its initial shape. Is this a major problem now?
    • This was my first thought, I demagnitised it. No change. The hands do align as they should. Thing is it's following a very regular pattern of irregular behaviour if that's a thing haha!.. again this morning it had only lost a few seconds overnight and having tested it again just, it's not gaining or lossing very much at all. It will be interesting to see as the day goes on and the power reserve builds back up if it starts to rapid gain once more. Thanks all, I will update later   
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