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I seem to have developed an affinity for pocket watches and I found this video by Fran Blanche, she has some really interesting electronics tear downs and articles, if you're into that sort of thing, and now I find she's into pocket watches.


I think its the embellishment on the insides of the pocket watch that catch my eye.


Nothing in depth, beginners level, which is probably why I like it.




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Considering the American pocket watches were mass produced the quality is amazing,  here is an example of a Waltham, there cannot be many,  if any, watches of better quality.  I have a couple ( not quite as high a quality as the picture)  and am amazed they turned them out by the millions.  There are a lot worse things to spend money on than good pocket watches.   :thumbsu:  


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The first watch I destroyed was a pocket watch! I feel so sorry for it! In a brigter note it help me get started in this awesome hobby. So, although I only own the remnants of a pocket watch, I do love them too!

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    • By Graziano
      Hello and calling all military experts .Yesterday I picked up a few kilo of pocket watch parts and other bits and pieces of vintage horology timepieces .In amongst the assortment was this Australian issued pocket watch.I have a question about the markings on the back . I know about the Elgin side of things ,this has the grade 594 movement gold colored and dated to 1943 .However I have done lots of trolling on the net and cannot find what the marking beside the serial number underneath the first D is . If one of you highly knowledgeable collectors could tell me anything about this watch and is it worth restoring .I need to replace the broken balance staff, but thats all .I can source original hands for this model . What do you know please share.  

    • By MechanicMike
      Hi all-is there a name for the crescent shape of this fork and its purpose? Vague memory of seeing one like this but can't find where I had seen it.
      Thank ya

    • By MechanicMike
      greetings all-been a few months since I've visited hope all is well with everyone. question: do any charts exist telling of American screw thread sizes for vintage pocket watches? I seem to be having a tough time finding anything other than the fact that back then prior to the 1955 "thread summit" I'll call it, where the European and American powers-that-be agreed on a universal standard thread pitch across the board(UNM miniature), that European was metric and American was their standard inch pitches, with the exception of Elgin and Waltham, who made their own specific(adding to my frustrating confusion) threads. I have threaded holes I need to repair and/or chase, and I'd just like to have it handy if I need it. maybe I haven't looked deep enough? 
      Bueller, anyone?
    • By agregate
      I'm trying to release the tension in the mainspring on an Elgin grade 144 pocket watch and unlike my grade 291, this one has a hidden click and the main barrel is tucked underneath a plate.
      I've looked online and found a single forum post stating I need to push a pin or very small object into a hole underneath the main barrel (which there is one) while simultaneously holding the stem in place to stop it from unwinding all at once.
      The problem is, I've got a single screwdriver that fits in this pinhole and after poking around in a few directions, it doesn't seem to be releasing the click. I don't know if this is the right hole (it is the only one) that I'm putting it in, if it's supposed to be on a specific angle at insertion, a certain depth, etc. I've attached photos of the side of the movement and a diagram of what I am doing.
      For what its worth, its a lever set.

    • By Buf
      Hello everyone 
      I recently bought a lot of pocket watches on Ebay. 
      Between them I found an Alpina pocket watch with movement UH 1116. I saw on internet that usually is referred as Alpina 1116.
      I got the following situation, while removing the wheels bridges, one of the ruby remained on the wheel. 
      Please take a look on the following pictures. 
      I also took some pictures with a microscope in order to explain better the situation. 
      Could you please suggest me what I should do? 
      Is what I got complete? Looking to another ruby it seems there is something missing (holding piece?) 
      Is the movement common? Do You believe I can find the bridge somewhere? 
      BTW I have also found a broken spring
      Many thanks in advance for your suggestions

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