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Beginners Pocket Watch Regulating...

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I seem to have developed an affinity for pocket watches and I found this video by Fran Blanche, she has some really interesting electronics tear downs and articles, if you're into that sort of thing, and now I find she's into pocket watches.


I think its the embellishment on the insides of the pocket watch that catch my eye.


Nothing in depth, beginners level, which is probably why I like it.




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Considering the American pocket watches were mass produced the quality is amazing,  here is an example of a Waltham, there cannot be many,  if any, watches of better quality.  I have a couple ( not quite as high a quality as the picture)  and am amazed they turned them out by the millions.  There are a lot worse things to spend money on than good pocket watches.   :thumbsu:  


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