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Whoa! A whole colony! 
They stay inside or outside or both?

Inside except for two of them. They have access to an outside run with plenty of space and fresh air.

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    • By ash.bez
      I agree with what you are saying completely. I plan to only keep the case and back and replace everything else. I would have loved to put a mechanical movement in the watch but I think it’s too small (33.9mm x 7.1mm). 
      My plan is to have the case and back replated and have the back blanked of its manufacturers engraving so as I can have a blank canvas to have something engraved on it myself. I was hoping to get advice on what movements could be used and buy the parts ready for a watchmaker to assemble as like you said, I don’t want to ruin the watch. 
      I’ve already started sourcing/ordering parts which was a little silly without any advice so I’ll post what I have ordered below (if rules permit me to do so?). 

    • By tucker810
      I just took apart my first working watch and I am having trouble with the three gears. Everything else is easy to reassemble but the three gears leading to the mainspring. How do you guys put them back together? I am new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By chieflittlehorse
      I used to play chess but haven't in a while.  I just finished replacing a battery on an old Dodger's digital watch as I'm trying to learn watch repair.
      My interests in clocks came to being as I was reading about a clock repairman who banks used to call for him to service their bank time locks.
      My career is as a locksmith and I have changed safe combinations and I'm interested in all things mechanical.
      So after replacing the battery on my watch, the chess clock popped into my head.
      So has anyone here ever worked on repairing chess clocks?
    • By Jrx2
      will hands from caliber 1570 movement fit on the older 1560 movement?
    • By Ullas
      Hi all, this is my first post here. I repair watches as a hobby, and usually work on my own watches. This particular watch, along with two others, were give to a friend of mine, by his father, about three days before he passed away recently. The three watches, hence have an emotional value to my friend, and so, I wanted to get them going again. I fixed the QMax (Replaced battery), Titan (PCB and Coil, new battery, glass), and am working on this Rolex now. Almost all Indicators of a genuine Rolex that I have read of online, are absent, hence making me believe its most definitely a fake. i.e. No serial number or any stamping anywhere on case, no Logo on crown, Dial looks as if its been lacquered, bad finish, bracelet, and most importantly, no markings on the movement, and the movement was not used on any Rolex to my knowledge. Please enlighten me on this, if I am wrong.
      The issue I have now, is that, on the movement, there were no markings whatsoever, of the make or model. There were only serial numbers that read as "34B - 963125". After searching a lot, I realized, its an ETA 963.125, and photos on the internet matched with the movement I have. No marking of ETA on the movement (a fake again?). Its in a pretty rough shape, with the quartz oscillator (forgive my lack of knowledge of its correct name, as mechanics call it a "condenser" here), fallen apart. I did a preliminary  search with the mechanics and spares shop here, and they all said its very old and parts are not available. Only one said, he will get me a scrap movement, but I am a bit doubtful. I was able to get a service manual for ETA 963.124 online. My question now is, is it possible to get these spares, or the whole movement anywhere in Bangalore, India? (my place), or is it possible to replace the whole movement with a different one, with the day and date windows matching with the dial? Or is it possible to reuse the same day and date rings on a different movement? Can anyone advice me on this? TIA. Pictures attached, forgive the lower quality, problem with my mobile cam.

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    • Can we see a picture of the watch with the pallet fork in and the balance wheel out close-up would be nice. Then when working on a totally dead watch why was it totally dead? Basic watch repair and terminology differences but the meanings the same. Check the roller jewel always important in older watches they get loose. The guard pin on the pallet fork make sure it's not bent.  
    • Looks like a FHF movement  which Rolex borrowed from FHF . But think there are some versions of this? Maybe could be a FHF 30 . What size is the movement? 
    • Would you have a picture of the dial side of this watch? Then hairsprings usually are not a separate component. It's usually a balance complete. Then the link below lists case numbers that might help to identify the movement.
    • Advice should go to the seller, which is not a member here. However from their profile (check yourself) and reputation seems to me that they know well what they're doing
    • Not good to Ebay the Vacheron clock. Too many pitfalls. A Specialist auction house will get top money for such a clock. Take old hippy`s advice, it is the best you will get. Regards, mike.